Academic Support Specialist

Job Description

SECTION: Primary School (EY1 to Primary 5, 4 to 11 year olds)
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Academic Support Specialist
CONTRACT: National

Main Responsibilities

  1. Provide academic support to students in cases where the learning process is being affected (e.g. learning challenges, extension activities etc.)
  2. Plan and facilitate learning experiences for students in small groups/individually, depending on student needs
  3. Provide individual support to students in class when necessary
  4. Develop, in conjunction with the Student Development Service, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for identified students
  5. Suggest strategies that teachers can use to engage and enhance student learning across the curriculum, especially in maths and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
  6. Provide quarterly feedback to teachers about students in their class
  7. Plan and present staff Professional Development sessions in alignment with the School’s needs
  8. Plan and team-teach with colleagues in order to develop expertise in meeting the learning needs of bilingual children
  9. Meet with parents to discuss the progress of their child, and inform them of suitable strategies to use at home
  10. Prepare reports for external professionals, such as educational psychologists
  11. Participate in meetings with external professionals
  12. Devise and enact strategies to ensure that parents/guardians understand the school’s approach to learning and teaching and can participate as key partners within the academic context.


Person Specification

Qualifications Essential Desirable
A university degree in Primary Education X  
A relevant Master’s degree   X
Experience Essential Desirable
At least 2 years working in a school environment  
Experience of working with students in the 4 to 11 year old age range  
Experience working with students who have English as a second language   X
Professional Knowledge and Understanding Essential Desirable
Bilingual (English/Spanish)    
A developed knowledge and understanding of the latest curriculum and pedagogical issues including the latest research findings as to what constitutes effective learning  
Have a flexible approach to working and enjoy bing a positive team member X  
Have effective communication, organization and time management skills X  
Be able to manage own workload effectively and respond swiftly to tight deadlines  
Good interpersonal skills with the ability to enthuse and motivate others and develop effective partnerships  
Willingness to share expertise, skills and knowledge and ability to encourage others  
Maintain a personal commitment to Professional Development linked to the competencies necessary to deliver the requirements of the post, including being reflective on their own practice an the practice of others  


  1. In making an application, for both local and international contracts, candidates are asked to make it absolutely clear for what position they are applying. The School will not necessarily reply to speculative applications; only to those sent in response to advertised positions. However we do keep a limited database of previous applications.
  2. We only contract qualified teachers who have at least two years of relevant, prior experience. Also, we teach English throughout the school as a first language and because of this, we do not offer international contracts to EFL or ESL teachers.
  3. If you qualify and are interested in applying for any of our job openings, please email us at with a copy of your CV and a brief description as to why you think your qualifications and experience would make you a good candidate for the advertised post.
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