School Bulletin #11 – 5th April 2019


  • Monday 8th April to Friday 19th April: Semana Santa Vacation
  • Monday 22nd April: Start of Book Week
  • Tuesday 23rd April: Year 9A Estudios Sociales trip to Mezquita de Omar - 9am to 2pm
  • Tuesday 23rd April: Pyjama Day for Early Years and Primary students
  • Wednesday 24th April: Primary Parent-Teacher Meetings  - 12:30pm to 4pm
  • Wednesday 24th April: Year 9C Estudios Sociales trip to Mezquita de Omar - 9am to 2pm
  • Thursday 25th April: Year 9B Estudios Sociales trip to Mezquita de Omar - 9am to 2pm
  •  Friday 26th April: Book character dress-up day for all students


CHANGES UPDATE MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN PÚBLICA (MEP): We would like to update our Learning Community on the current situation regarding the changes that the Ministerio de Educación Pública (MEP) are introducing over the coming years to its programmes (FARO - Fortalecimiento de Aprendizajes para la Renovación de Oportunidades).  Over the last couple of weeks the Leadership Team has participated in several meetings with representatives from different organizations in order to ascertain what the implications of these changes will be for our students.  Unfortunately, there is still a lack of clarity on multiple issues for which we are still waiting for the MEP to make decisions on (if our students may take the exams in English and what the implications will be for our IB students and their university applications both here and oversees being just two examples).  We are expecting more information and answers from the MEP to our various questions in the coming weeks and as soon as we receive it we will provide you with an update.

STUDENT COUNCIL – 2019-2020: On Friday the 29th of March, there were various activities during Primary and Senior’s second break to celebrate the opening of the Student Council 2019-2020. There was a small open mic in which our President, Ariana Chacón, sang Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns n’ Roses and Jump by Van Halen accompanied by Teacher Gareth Jones from the Science Department. In the soda, there was a sale of granizados and pizza. There were also water games on the field as well as an ‘UNO” card game tournament. We would like to thank all the people who participated and helped organise these various activities.

EXIT PERMITS FOR STUDENTS: We would like to remind all parents that permission slips to exit the school must be received by 1:00pm. Permits not related to school bus services must be sent to, while permits for students to use a different time or bus must be sent We appreciate your collaboration.

CANTONESE SPEAKER NEEDED:  We would like to ask whether any Cantonese speaking members of our community would be willing to assist the family of two of our students with some basic translations related to their academic progress.  If you are available and willing to help in this capacity please email


PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS:  Parent-Teacher Meetings for Early Years and Primary will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 24th April, commencing at 12.30pm. Teachers will send home an appointment slip before the holidays. We ask parents to respect their allocated time so as not to inconvenience other parents and the teacher. Meetings last for 10 minutes and should focus on the reports and progress made during quarter 1. If you would like a longer time to speak with your child’s teacher, please contact reception to organise an alternative time.

PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS - STUDENT ARRANGEMENTS:  All Early Years and Primary classes will finish at 12.00pm on Wednesday 24th April. At this time, all students must either be collected or go home by bus. There will be no clubs nor After School Care. Students should not be brought to the Parent-Teacher meetings as they become disruptive.  Where bringing them is unavoidable, students should be left on the patio with the After School Care teachers while their parents attend meetings in the Early Years or Primary blocks. They will be fully supervised during this time and there will be no charge for this short term service.

BOOK WEEK:  Week 1 of the new quarter is Book Week. On Monday, Primary students will be visited by a storyteller. On Tuesday, they should wear their pyjamas to school, and on Friday the book character dress up day returns! Throughout the week, students will be participating in a variety of different activities, in both English and Spanish, in their classes, the Primary library, and with Secondary students. Our theme for this week, taken from our Values, is Creativity.


PE UNIFORM AFTER SEMANA SANTA: We would like to inform all Secondary students that from this point forward they may come to School in their PE uniform on days when they have a scheduled Physical Education class (the same as is currently done in Primary).  The reason for this change to our regulations is to try and provide more quality PE time rather than losing 10 minutes of learning time each class waiting for students to get changed. If students choose to do this they should also ensure that they bring their regular school uniform to change into at the end of the PE class.  Should a student fail to bring their regular school uniform to change into then the Administration will provide them with a uniform to wear for the rest of the day.

COMMUNITY LEARNING EVENT - CERAMIC SPHERES - ART THERAPY WORKSHOPS: The Art Department would like to invite all members of our community to view the current exhibition in the Administration block. The ceramic work on display was produced by Secondary teachers attending the Community Learning Art Therapy workshop taught by Nidia Brenes at the start of the year. The ceramic work was inspired by Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Spheres as well as the current Deredia exhibition in San Jose. Congratulations to all those involved who have produced the excellent ceramic sculptures.

ART TRIP TO MUSEO DE ORO SAN JOSE: On Tuesday 2nd April, Year 11 NB and Year 10 IGCSE Art groups went together to San Jose to visit the Gold Museum in order to view the current Deredia exhibition on display there as part of their research on sculpture and design. It was an excellent event and the students were greatly inspired by the exhibition for their current work in the art class.

LA CUISINE LYONNAISE: On Wednesday 3rd of April, a group of French Year 11 students had the opportunity to visit “Café St. Honoré” as a complementary activity to reading “La Cuisine Lyonnaise”. Chef Régis received the students and was kind enough to share his experiences as well as answer some questions. Other than ordering in French, the students were happy and enthusiastic to keep sharing in the style of Molière!

IB VISUAL ARTS VISIT TO UWC IB ART EXHIBITION: This week Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Arts students had the excellent opportunity of attending the UWC final IB Visual Arts exhibition held at City Place in Santa Ana. With over twenty UWC Visual Arts students exhibiting art work there, it was a tremendous insight for the curatorial practice and organization of their own Visual Art exhibition at the end of the academic year. It was an extremely enjoyable event - well done to all those students who took time out after school to attend!

VALLE DE OROSI FIELD TRIP: Last Thursday 28th of March, the Year 6 students enjoyed a Social Studies field trip to the Orosi Valley as a complement to the Geography component of the program. The students visited the main viewpoint where they were able to observe the fluvial valley and some topographical characteristics of the area as well as the historical Orosi Colonial Church. They also had the opportunity to observe the reservoir, the Cahí damn and the historical ruins of Ujarrás.

BOOK DONATIONS AFTER THE HOLIDAYS: Some Year 10 students, together with the Spanish and English departments, will be receiving any Spanish book donations for children and teenagers helped by the organization "Merienda y Zapatos" (Snacks and shoes), which encourages refugees and immigrants to succeed academically.

The books must be in Spanish and in perfect condition. Some books they have requested are the ones recommended in the official MEP reading lists:

"Pinocho", Carlo Collodi
"Matilda", Roald Dahl
"La historia interminable", Michael Ende
"El libro de la selva", Rudyard Kipling
"Mujercitas", Louisa May Alcott
"Alicia en el país de las maravillas", Lewis Carroll

Please bring your donations during the week of April 22, the first week back after the break..

BOOK WEEK:  We will be celebrating Book Week in the School from the 22nd to the 26th of April with students enjoying a series of activities organized by the English, French and Spanish Departments. In Secondary we will celebrate within the classrooms with a First Literature and Film Festival, activities to promote Literature in the Primary School and exhibitions in the corridors. For this year, on Friday 26th, we will have our traditional literary costume contest, a Mexican cultural kiosk and a fun assembly to close the festival. Now is the time to prepare your costume, representing your favourite book or literary character!

NB TALKS 2019:  During this week the Year 11 National Baccalaureate students have been delivering very inspiring speeches about topics that they are passionate about and have done a wonderful job at managing the stress of public speaking. This activity was part of a project to learn how TED Talks are planned and organized.  If you could not attend their speeches, their written version is now published in the English Department website and we hope to soon share the videos with you  Congratulations on a job well done.

DÔRBATA SCHOOL:  On the 2nd of April Year 11 IB students had the opportunity to visit the Dôrbata School in Chirripó, Turriabla as part of a shared excursion between the Departments of Spanish and Theory of Knowledge. The goals of this trip were to promote a cultural and recreational experience with the Cabécar community, support the unit on Indigenous Languages in Costa Rica and learn first hand the challenges faced by the indigenous communities of our country. The students were able to talk to the community leaders, learn from them, enjoy a snack and play with the local children. As part of the visit, the students also donated a series of educational materials and 25 pairs of rubber boots.

“ESPERANZA URBANA” FOUNDATION - YEAR 7C:  This past Tuesday, the Year 7C students carried out their Service Learning Project at the “Esperanza Urbana” Foundation. The students were able to donate food such as sandwiches, fruit, natural drinks and instant soups to more than 70 people who live on the streets. In addition to this, the students also had the opportunity to reflect on the experience, the difficulties and realities that these people face and how they can help to help improve this situation as students and adolescents. Thank you to the collaboration of Year 7B students who also participated in this activity supporting the project, promoting it within the school and helping in the preparation of the food distribution.

ADMISSIONS TO UNIVERSITIES OF OUR 2018 GRADUATES: We are very proud to share with our School Community the select group of Universities that have accepted our 2018 Graduates to this date. These young people have worked very hard to achieve the excellence reflected in these admissions results, well done!

In Costa Rica: Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, ULACIT, ULatina, UCIMED, Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional, Universidad Véritas.

In United States and Canada: Babson College, Bentley University, Boston College, Boston University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California State University Northridge, Florida International University, Gannon University,  Hofstra University, Loyola University New Orleans, Northeastern University, Notre Dame College (Ohio), Penn State University, Purdue University,  San Diego State University, Suffolk University, The University of Kansas,  The University of Utah,  University of California Berkeley, University of California Irvine, University of Florida, University of Illinois at Chicago,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Notre Dame (Indiana),  University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, University of Toronto,  Xavier University.

In Europe: Bocconi University, CEU Universidad Cardinal Herrera, ESADE Business School, IE University, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Solent University Southampton, Universidad de Navarra

UNIVERSITY FAIRS AND VISITS: On Friday 29th of March a group of enthusiastic Year 11 students had the opportunity to visit the Central American College Tour at the Golden Valley School. This is one of the largest International University Fairs in the country, with more than 60 institutions from around the world. We have also received many university representatives in our school this quarter, such as University of Sheffield, Universidades, CEU, Universidad Anahúac de México, University of Calgary, Les Roches, Glion, NABA School of Design and the Instituto Marangoni.

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