School Bulletin #14 – 10th May 2019


  • Saturday 11th of May: BSCR Sports Festival and Annual Race
  • Monday 13th of May: Year 10 IGCSE Accelerated Maths - Paper 6, 1:00pm
  • Tuesday 14th of May: IGCSE Awards Ceremony - 9:10am, auditorium
  • Thursday 16th of May: Early Years Parent Workshop - ‘Emotional regulation based on sensory stimulation’ - 8:15am, auditorium
  • Friday 17th of May: Y10 Service Learning - Comunidad Los Cipreses, 8:00am - 12:30pm
  • Friday 17th of May:EY3 IEYC Trip - Butterfly Kingdom. 9.00am - 11.30am


INFLUENZA: Over the last two weeks, several members of our community have been diagnosed with the influenza virus.  Influenza is an acute respiratory disease caused by three types of influenza virus (A, B and C).  The virus is typically transmitted by drops of saliva that are expelled through talking, coughing or sneezing.  The virus can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours so it is important that they are regularly cleaned to guard against further transmission.  

Typical symptoms of influenza include headaches, nasal congestion, a fever greater than 38 degrees centigrade, coughing, a sore throat, muscle/joint pain, excessive tiredness, loss of appetite, stomach pain and nausea. Children may also feel pain in their ear and appear a lot less active than normal.  If you present any of these symptoms and are concerned that you may have contracted the virus then we recommend reporting immediately to the School Infirmary or the family doctor.  It is also advised that students with these symptoms do not attend school to prevent the virus from spreading further.

With regard to preventative measures, an annual vaccination is highly recommended as the first and most effective action to protect against contracting the virus.  We also recommend washing hands frequently with soap and warm water and also ensuring that you cover your nose and mouth with either a tissue, which should be immediately disposed of, or the inside angle of your elbow whenever you cough or sneeze.

NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR CHILDREN WITH CLEFT LIP AND PALATE:  During next week we will continue to receive donations for the campaign carried out by the “Asociación Costarricense Pro Niño y Niña con Labio y/o Paladar Hendido”. We invite you to collaborate with this association that serves more than 1,000 patients with this congenital malformation. The Student Council will be visiting classes next week to collect donations for this campaign.

KANGAROO NATIONAL MEDAL WINNERS:  The results for the 2019 Kangaroo Maths competition are in.  Congratulations to our national medal winners:

Year 5: Marco Laurencich GOLD
Year 6: Cristel Haaversen GOLD
Year 6: Isabella D’Arsie GOLD
Year 7: Camila Gutierrez GOLD
Year 7: Carlos Shum GOLD
Year 8: Steven Wu GOLD
Year 10: Javier Gutierrez GOLD
Year 10: Alvaro Barquero GOLD
Year 6: Leonardo Jimenez SILVER
Year 6: Ally Lin SILVER
Year 8: Sophia Brohl SILVER
Year 8: Rebecca Lopez SILVER
Year 9: Diego Laurencich SILVER
Year 9: Nicole Lipschitz SILVER
Year 4: Mariana Chartier BRONZE
Year 6: Daniela Martinez BRONZE
Year 7: Lina Laurencich BRONZE
Year 8: Mauricio Soto BRONZE
Year 9: Jimena Garrett BRONZE
Year 10: Mariangel Moya BRONZE
Year 11: Molly Fung BRONZE
Year 11: Lucia Carazo BRONZE
Year 12: Alina Carranza BRONZE 


EARLY YEARS PARENT WORKSHOP: We would like to invite all of our Early Years parents to the workshop "Emotional regulation based on sensory stimulation" which will be delivered by Occupational Therapist MSc. Kimberly Lee on Thursday the 16th of May at 8:15am in our auditorium. The objective of the workshop is to provide sensory stimulation strategies as a tool for socio-emotional development and behavioural regulation in preschool children.  Parents are asked to confirm their attendance by clicking on this link - (English) / (Spanish).

ADMISSIONS FOR 2020: We have begun the admissions process for new students wishing to start in Early Years 1 (Pre-kinder) or Early Years 2 (Kinder) in the 2020 school year. If you, or someone you know, have not yet applied, there is still time. Please visit the admissions page of the School’s website and fill in the online application form:


IGCSE AWARDS CEREMONY: We would like to invite all Year 11 parents to our IGCSE Awards ceremony on Tuesday the 14th of May at 9:10am in the School’s auditorium.  During this ceremony the British Ambassador will present our current Year 11 students with their final IGCSE certificates.

YEAR 9 ART EXPERIENCE: On Friday 3rd May 2019, Year 9 IGCSE Visual Arts students visited the Gold Museum to view three exhibitions in one: the permanent display of the Pre-Columbian artefacts, the Costa Rican artist Adrian Arguedas ‘The Apprentice’ exhibition and the extensive Deredia sculpture exhibition in the museum as well as around San Jose.  The excellent experience will provide invaluable first hand sources that are now required with the new 2020 IGCSE Art and Design syllabus that requires visits to local galleries to be included in art preparation studies. It was an excellent event – well done to all the Year 9 IGCSE Art students involved

PHOTO SCHEDULE: Secondary photos for the Yearbook will be taken between Monday the 13th of May and Wednesday the 22nd of May.   Students will receive an email by the end of this week with the details of their assigned day.

IB OFFICIAL DEADLINE FOR YEAR 12 STUDENTS: Reminder - the official deadline to hand in the IB Extended Essay of 4,000 words is May 15th.  We wish all of our Year 12 students well as they finish off this important piece of work.  It is great preparation for writing future university papers.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH – BRONZE TRAINING: Several Year 9 students completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Adventurous Journey training in Prussia, Irazu last weekend. They all enjoyed the challenge of the self-sufficient camping trip, all completing the steep uphill trek and in groups they each cooked delicious meals. Overall it was a success and we look forward to completing the qualifying adventurous journey in the near future.

FREE SUBJECT TUTORIALS FOR SECONDARY: The following tutorials will be held, free of charge, between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm on each day throughout the second quarter:

Monday Year 8 Music Mr. Borrington
Tuesday  Year 7 French Ana Maria Vicente
Year 7 Maths Mr. Narvaez
Year 8 Maths/Science Mr. Mallorie
Year 6 & 7 ScienceMs. Waldbauer
Wednesday Year 6 French Ana Maria Vicente

Monday Year 9 Chem and 10 Bio Ms. Boone
Tuesday Year 9 Maths Ms. Vincent
Wednesday Year 10 Maths Ms. Gillespie
Thursday Year 9 Music Mr. Borrington
Year 9&10 Spanish Xinia Araya
Year 9&10 Physics Mr. Jones
All days and levels by request Biology Mr. Jimenez

Monday Year 11&12 Biology Ms. Boone
Tuesday Year 11&12 Spanish Maria Castillo and Karen Alfaro
Thursday Year 11&12 Physics Mr. Jones
All days and levels by request Biology Mr. Jimenez

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