School Bulletin #15 – 17th May 2019


  • Monday 20th May: Years 8, 11 and 12 English excursion: ‘Macbeth’ / Teatro Espressivo,  8:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Tuesday 21st May: NEASC Learning Principles Visit
  • Wednesday 22nd May: NEASC Learning Principles Visit
  • Thursday 23rd May: Barva House Day (Green shirt day for all Barva students)
  • Thursday 23rd May: NEASC Learning Principles Visit
  • Friday 24th May: NEASC Learning Principles Visit
  • Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th of MayCountry Day MUN


RUMOURS: We are very concerned to hear that there is a rumour circulating among the parents to the effect that the School is not moving to the Coyol campus until 2024 or 2025.  This rumour has the potential to affect negatively the matriculation of new students for future years ... but it is without foundation.   In order to establish the truth about this situation, we shall be organising a meeting for interested parents later this month where we will describe and explain the progress we have already made towards our planned move - we have bought the land, the construction plans are ready and we are in the process of requesting the required permissions and authorisations.  We shall advise parents as to the date, time and location of this meeting as soon as possible.

BSCR VALUES: Last week, our Parent Representatives joined members of the senior leadership to discuss the British School’s new values, what they mean and how they can be supported at home. Over the coming weeks, we will share ideas related to each of the values - Creativity, Honesty, Independence, Respect, and Responsibility - together with strategies that we use at school that you, as parents, may also use at home.

HOUSE POINTS BASED ON BSCR VALUES: After parent consultation, we are refocusing how House Points are awarded throughout the School to bring them into alignment with our new values.  Therefore, students will now earn House Points for demonstrating Creativity, Honesty, Independence, Respect or Responsibility.

SPORTS FESTIVAL: The Department of Physical Education would like to thank the whole student body, parents and all other members of our community who attended our fifth Sports Festival and the XXXIII Grand Classic 2019. For us, it was very important to link these two activities in such a significant community event.  We were delighted that our students not only enjoyed participating but that they also achieved excellent results in both Primary and Secondary in the different disciplines: volleyball, basketball and soccer.  Each year provides us with new challenges but our commitment to promoting physical education and healthy life-styles should ensure that we continue to improve in this area. Thank you to all for your support!

NEASC VISIT: The British School is currently applying for continued accreditation with the New England Association of School and Colleges (NEASC) and it is a process that we anticipate will take approximately 18 months.  The first part of this process will be to host two international education experts for four days as part of what NEASC calls a ‘Learning Principles Visit’.  During these four days, which will be between the 21st and 24th of May, our visitors will observe numerous classes and extra-curricular activities, as well as speak to representatives from all members of our community, to gain an initial understanding about what we do here at the School on a daily basis.  Following this visit, we will then begin a year-long reflection process, involving all members of our learning community, before being visited again by a team of international educators who will make a decision on our accreditation status.


ENTRY POINT, QUARTER TWO: During the beginning of quarter two, our students have carried out various activities to introduce the topics that they will work on within the IMYC curriculum.  The Year 6 students were divided into different work stations where they learned about the theme of Balance and its importance in fields such as science, art and physical education.  In the end, each group shared their experiences and discovered the wide role that balance plays in our daily life.  On the other hand, Year 7 have been working with the theme of Curiosity.  In the Entry Point activity, students had the opportunity to search for various objects around the campus with the objective of cultivating their interest and curiosity.  During the reflection, the students discovered how curiosity can be fostered to helps us to discover new things.  Finally, Year 8 worked on the theme of Challenge.  The students participated in an activity full of challenges and decision-making where they realised that each action has a consequence and each challenge we face daily must be approached with caution before making a decision.

MODEL UNITED NATIONS: On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of May, over 50 students from Years 7-12 donned professional business attire and participated as either delegates, Chairs, Co-Chairs or as members of the leadership and media teams at the annual BSCR/Humboldt Schule Model United Nations conference held at Humboldt.  Students adopted the role of country delegates and were involved in engaging debates ranging from the Security Council, Human Rights, DISEC, ITU to UNICEF.  All the students who attended the conference were excellent representatives of the BSCR and Miss K and both Mr W’s thank them, and their parents, for helping to make the weekend such a successful experience.

IGCSE AWARDS CEREMONY: On Tuesday 14th of May, our Year 11 students received their final IGCSE certificates from his Excellency, Mr. Ross Denny, British Ambassador to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students on their achievements.

SDS WORKSHOPS: Educalchol Workshop: Last Monday 29th of April, the Year 9 students participated in a workshop called "Alcohol and Dangerous Combinations".  This activity was delivered by the psychologist Xochitl González.  Our school has worked with Educalcohol for several years and these activities have always been useful, from a prevention perspective, to educate our students about the dangers of teen alcohol consumption and abuse.

Sexuality Workshop: Last Tuesday 14th of May, our Year 10 and Year 12 students participated in a sexuality workshop presented by the psychologist and sexologist Marianela Arias, who works for Durex.  The students had the opportunity to learn about important topics such as: knowing their rights, contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections, sexuality and affectivity, sexting, etc.  The students were also able to ask anonymous questions in a confidential environment.  These talks are intended to provide students with tools that allow them to make better decisions about their sexuality and emotional relationships.

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