School Bulletin #16 – 24th May 2019


  • Saturday 25th May - Sunday 26th May: Country Day School Model United Nations
  • Tuesday 28th May: Primary Drama Group Presentation: ‘The Journey of the Noble Gnarble’ - 1:15 pm, Auditorium
  • Wednesday 29th May: Year 6 to Year 8 – Study Day
  • Wednesday 29th May: Year 9 to Year 12 - Start of End of Semester Exam Week (12pm finish)
  • Thursday 30th May: Year 6 to Year 8 – Start of End of Semester Exam Week (12pm finish)
  • Friday 31st May: End of Semester Exams (Secondary)


SPORTS FESTIVAL – RACE RESULTS: These are the XXXIII Gran Clásica race winners.  Congratulations to everyone and thank you very much for your participation in the Gran Clásica 2019.

EY1 – BOYS AND GIRLS (they are all winners)

  • Felipe Chacón Halabi
  • Felipe Orlich Calzada
  • Franco de Briones Jiménez
  • Luciana Delgado Golcher
  • Luciano Linares Soto
  • Maximiliano Rojas Muñoz
  • Monserrat Ballar Carvajal
  • Monserrat Castro Trejos
  • Nicole Céspedes  Solano
  • Rodrigo Vásquez Gutiérrez
  • Sara Narváez Alvarado
  • Saul Sáenz Saborío
  • Valeria Sue Halloran González

DONATIONS FOR CLEFT LIP AND PALATE NATIONAL CAMPAIGN: We would like to thank our Community for the great support provided during the cleft lip and palate campaign for children.  The amount collected was ¢419,130.00.  This donation will go directly to supporting children with this condition.

BSCR VALUES – HONESTY: In the first in our series focusing on the recently defined values of the British School we will be looking at honesty.  Honesty has various facets to it, but we will focus on being true to yourself.  Both the teachers and the parent representatives highlighted this as recognising when we have made a mistake.  Mistakes, sometimes called failures, are an invaluable part of learning.  At school, we encourage students to acknowledge when they have made a mistake -be it academic or behavioural- and we support students to understand the mistake and how to make it right.  Similarly, at home, parents can help their children accept their mistakes and help them to learn from them.  Modelling when we, as adults, make mistakes is an important step, too.  If we can't do it, how can we expect our children to do it?

REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD FOR CENTRAL AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN: Congratulations to Nicole Lipschitz for being selected as one of the four members of Costa Rica's national team for the Mathematics Olympiad for Central America and the Caribbean.  She will represent Costa Rica in the Dominican Republic during the month of June.  Best wishes to her and the national team.


ULACIT VISIT: On Tuesday 21st of May, 16 English Teaching students from ULACIT came to visit our campus and observed how students work at our school.  Their feedback was very positive, ranging from a culture of cooperation among students while being in class to the high level of English our students demonstrate both in class and during break.  They appreciated seeing how the school’s subjects are interconnected and the reaction of students to having everything in context making it easier to produce work and acquire new skills.

PRIMARY PLAY - “NOBLE GNARBLE”: The Primary Drama Group will be presenting the musical ‘The Journey of the Noble Gnarble’ in a school assembly on Tuesday 28th of May at 1:20 pm.  The parents of the students who are involved in the performance are invited to attend.


ENGLISH TRIP TO THE THEATER: On Monday 20th of May, a large group of students, conformed by all of Year 8, Year 11 and Year 12, visited the Teatro Espressivo in Curridabat to see an English performance of "Macbeth", written by William Shakespeare and performed by the world touring drama company TNT Britain. Students enjoyed a very different show and had the opportunity to interact with the director and actors and learn more about their craft and Shakespeare's work.

SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT - RESCUING THE TORRES RIVER: Last Friday 17th of May, the Year 10 generation participated in their Service Learning project together with the "Amigos del Río Torres" association.  The activity consisted of working on cleaning the river in the Cipreses community (Barrio México).  Previously, the students participated in several talks in which they discussed thee various problems related to urban rivers.  In addition, the students raised funds to donate a series of items such as machetes, shovels and hoses in order to collaborate with the objectives of this organization.  For the second semester, we intend to continue with the second part of this project, which will consist of visiting some public schools near the area, in order to inform and motivate this student population about the importance of caring for the watersheds in our country.  We want to thank all the Year 10 students for their excellent participation, behavior, commitment and dedication to this project.

END OF 1ST SEMESTER EXAMS: The End of 1st Semester Exam Week will begin on Wednesday 29th of May and finish on Tuesday 4th of June.  Secondary students will be dismissed at 12:00 pm on those days.  Regular classes are scheduled on Monday 27thand Tuesday 28th from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, but Year 6, 7 and 8 students will have a study day on Wednesday 29th and do not need to come into school on that day.  Please remember that students may use translation dictionaries for non-language exams, they must use transparent pencil cases, and they may not bring cell phones into the classroom during exams.

SEMESTER EXAMS – MATHS: Students are expected to come prepared for their exams with the correct materials as the Mathematics Department is unable to lend equipment to students on the days of the exams.  Materials that students should have include black/blue pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, protractor and calculator (where applicable).  Graphing calculators should be sufficiently charged.

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