School Bulletin #17 – 31st May 2019


  • Tuesday 4th June: Year 5 Basketball - 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, Weismann School
    Last day of Secondary Exam Week
  • Wednesday 5th June: New Campus - Presentation Evening for Early Years 1 to Year 2 parents - 6:30 pm, Auditorium
  • Thursday 6th June: Year 4 Catequesis Trip - 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, Parroquia María Reina del Universo
  • Thursday 6th June: Year 10 to Year 12 Career Morning - 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Thursday 6th June: New Campus - Presentation Evening for Year 3 to Year 12 parents - 6:30 pm, Auditorium
  • Friday 7th June: Year 10 to Year 12 National Universities Fair - 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, Gymnasium
  • Monday 10th June: Year 5 Art Exhibition - 8:00 am to 10:00 am, Children’s Museum
  • Tuesday 11th June: Talent Show - 6:30 pm, Auditorium
  • Wednesday 12thJune: Last Day of Quarter 2 - School finishes at 12:00 pm for ALL students
  • Wednesday 12thJune: Primary Sports Day - 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


NEASC - LEARNING PRINCIPLES VISIT: Between the 21st and 25th of May our community welcomed two visitors from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) as part of our latest accreditation process.  The visitors had various meetings with each of our stakeholder groups and visited numerous classes during their four days with us in order to gain a developed understanding of the learning that takes place on a daily basis at the school.  We will receive formal feedback from NEASC within the next six weeks, along with an invitation to start a 12 month internal reflection process which will include all members of our community.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank all members of our community who either shared their perspectives with our visitors last week or warmly welcomed them into their classes.

BSCR VALUES – HONESTY: This week we are continuing with our focus on promoting our School values by looking further at the value of honesty, which we look at it in terms of being truthful and doing the right thing. Our teachers and parent representatives defined it in various ways: doing what is right, being consistent by not choosing when to be honest, being transparent and sincere, being considerate, and speaking the truth even when it is difficult. Doing the right thing is not always easy, but it is important. At school, the teachers work to provide a positive class environment where students are not afraid to tell the truth, together with rules, expectations and consequences. At home, parents can keep promises they have made, communicate openly (but appropriately) with their children, and model doing the right thing.
“In the end you should always do the right thing even if it's hard.” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

NEW CAMPUS – PRESENTATION EVENINGS: We would like to invite any of our parents who are interested in hearing more about our plans for our new campus to a presentation evening next week in the School’s auditorium.  Due to auditorium space limitations we will have two separate presentations, both beginning at 6:30 pm:

  • Wednesday 5th of June: Early Years 1 to Year 2
  • Thursday 6th of June:     Year 3 to Year 12

VAPING: We would like to remind all members of our community that in order to promote the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and parents, vaping is not permitted on any part of our campus.  If any member of our community is found to be in breach of this regulation they will be subject to disciplinary consequences.  As such we remind all members of our community, and as is published in our Disciplinary Policy, that we reserve the right to search student's belongings whenever is deemed necessary by the Leadership Team.


PRIMARY PLAY – THE NOBLE GNARBLE: On Tuesday afternoon, Primary students and parents were treated to a wonderful musical presented by the primary drama and singing clubs.  The story followed the journey of a deep sea fish rising to the surface and the obstacles she encountered along the way.  Presented through song and an array of colourful costumes, our students from Years 3, 4 and 5 did an amazing job.  Special thanks also go to teachers Joseph and Nicola for producing the show.

YEAR 5 ART EXHIBITION: This quarter, our Year 5 students have been working hard learning about a variety of international artists and producing works inspired by those artists.  They will be hosting an exhibition at the Children’s Museum over the school holidays.  The grand opening will be on Monday 10th of June at 9:00 am. Members of the school community are welcome to attend the opening, or anytime during the mid-year holidays.

XXXIII GRAN CLÁSICA – CORRECTION: We would like to sincerely apologize for the omission of Thomas Pollock (Early Years 1B) from the race results in last week’s bulletin.  Congratulations both to Thomas and the rest of his classmates for participating in the race for the first time.

VERMICULTURE: Last Friday 24th of May we received the visit of Mrs. Damaris Guido, who shared her knowledge and experience about vermiculture with the students of Early Years 3. During the event, the children had the opportunity to experiment with the different components of a compost and analyze the important role that these small living beings have within the ecosystem.  Damaris shared curious facts and details which raised great interest in the students.  We appreciate the kind collaboration and valuable participation of Mrs. Guido within our student community.


PE UNIFORM: At the start of this quarter, the Secondary Leadership Team announced that students would be permitted to come to school in their PE uniform on days when they had PE class.  This change to our regulations, which was made to facilitate more effective learning time, was predicated on the requirement that students who choose to do this would then change into their regular school uniform after their PE class.   Unfortunately, there have been numerous occasions this quarter where Secondary students have not respected this requirement and have arrived at school without their regular uniform.  To ensure the ongoing promotion of healthy and hygienic habits in our community we would, therefore, like to formally communicate to both Secondary students and parents that from this point forward if students should fail to respect this regulation on more than one occasion then they can expect their conduct grade to be reduced by one level each time.

GLOBAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN – MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Last Thursday 30th of May, Year 8 students joined the worldwide campaign to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS) by using an orange ribbon during the day, which is the color that typifies this pathology.  MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system and the spinal cord.  It is called the disease of a 'thousand faces' because it can occur in very different ways and even vary in the same patient over time.  Some of its most common symptoms are:

1. Blurry or double vision
2. Tingling or numbness in different parts of the body
3. Difficulty walking
4. Lack of strength in one or more limbs. Example: hand, foot
5. Dizziness, fatigue
6. Electric shocks on the arms, legs, or mainly on the back when moving the neck forward
7. Urgency to go to the bathroom to urinate or not sure if you need to

MS is a disease that unfortunately many are prone to suffer from, so it is worth learning about it.

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