School Bulletin #19 – 19th July 2019


  • Monday 22ndJuly: Introductory presentation for Year 10 students regarding their programme choices for 2020. Auditorium; 10:30 am - 11:00 am
  • Monday 22ndJuly: Year 4 IPC Trip  University for Peace
  • Monday 22ndJuly: Primary Green Week presentations
  • Monday 22ndJuly:: Presentation for secondary students: Conscious Living by Esteban Chanto Ares. Auditorium; lunchtime.
  • Tuesday 23rdJuly: Year 11 NB Composición y Ortografía exam. 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuesday 23rdJuly: Car Pool Day
  • Wednesday 24th July: Puberty workshop for Year 4/Year 5 parents. Auditorium; 8:15 am
  • Wednesday 24th July:Presentation for secondary students: Amigos del Río Torres; Auditorium
  • Thursday 25thJuly: School Closed - Annexation of Guanacaste
  • Friday 26th July: Jeans Day - 500 colones donation. All staff and students
  • Friday 26th July:IB/NB Fair for Year 10 students: IB and NB Coordinator Presentations and subject area displays (10:30 am - 12:00 pm, Auditorium).  Parents of Year 10 students are welcome to attend.
  • Saturday 27thJuly: River Clean Up - Amigos del Río Torres
  • Wednesday 31st July: Parents - Teachers meetings (Secondary). 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


GREEN WEEK: Next week we will be celebrating Green Week with a variety of activities throughout the school, culminating in a River Clean-up on Saturday.  Section specific activities can be found in this bulletin.  Stay tuned to Facebook for updates throughout the week.
An Eco poster competition will take place which is open to all students, staff and parents.  The poster must be based around one of the 10 Eco themes which are Biodiversity and Nature, Climate Change, Energy, Global Citizenship, Health and Wellbeing, Litter, Marine and Coast, School Grounds, Transport, Waste. Student entries can be delivered to Early Years, Primary or Secondary offices.  Parent entries can be left at reception.  Be sure to include your name and class (or contact details, for parents).
wire fish sculpture has been placed within the Primary/Secondary area that will be filled with recyclable waste, which will then be recycled.
We have designated Tuesday as carpooling day and ask parents to support this initiative by joining with other families and sharing the driving, thus reducing the number of cars on the road and the emissions of greenhouse gases.
Friday will be Jeans Day for all teachers and students.  We are requesting a donation of 500 colones which will support clean-up efforts by Friends of Río Torres as well as other local environmental groups. Students should wear jeans, school-appropriate shoes, and something green!


PUBERTY WORKSHOPS FOR YEAR 4 & YEAR 5 PARENTS: The Student Development Services (SDS) will be presenting a workshop for Year 4 and Year 5 parents focusing on puberty.  This is an important workshop for parents to ensure they are fully informed and prepared before their children participate in related classes in the coming weeks.  The workshop, presented in Spanish, will be held in the Auditorium next Wednesday 22nd of July, starting at 8:15 am.  Please fill in this form to indicate attendance.  Parents wishing to receive the workshop in English can indicate this on the form and the SDS will be in touch to coordinate a time.


  • Primary Eco Committee students (Ariana Rojas & Paulina Zuñiga) are delivering Eco presentations in all Primary classes.
  • Primary teachers will be delivering Eco themed lessons, focusing on Energy and the school grounds. Work produced will be displayed outside the classrooms.
  • An energy saving competition will take place all week in Primary. The primary Eco Committee will monitor energy use in each classroom. The winning class will be awarded an Eco certificate.


IB ART VISIT: On Wednesday 12th of June a number of IB Year 11 and 12 students attended an Art visit to the art studios of contemporary Costa Rican artists Sergio Leiva, Luciano Goizueta, and writer and architect Diego van der Laat.  It was a successful visit to the exhibition spaces where students were able to interview the artists on their themes and ideas to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of the impact of abstract expressionism, abstraction and Pop Art on contemporary Costa Rican art.  It was a fabulous and inspiring visit which will feed the Art students inspiration for their future art projects.  The IB Visual Art students were all a credit to the school.  Well done to Year 12 IB Visual Art students Amanda, Stella, Sofia, Diana, Fabiola, Andrés and Year 11 IB Visual Arts students Daniela Murillo, Daniela Bustamante, and Molly Fung who all took time out from the start of the mid-year holiday in June to attend the event.


  • Eco Committee students and staff members will deliver Eco lessons during form periods.
  • On Wednesday 24th of July, Amigos del Río Torres will deliver a lunchtime presentation open to Secondary students held in the Auditorium.  This is to raise awareness about the pollution of our local watercourses and the impact it can have on the environment.

NATIONAL BACCALAUREATE: The National Baccalaureate Writing test will be held on Tuesday 23rd of July, which corresponds to 50% of the Spanish grade.  Students must be at school at normal times (8:00 am) with their complete uniform -according to the regulations- and identification (cédula or passport).  The exam will take place between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon and the students will have normal lessons in the fifth and sixth periods.  We wish you all the best!

1.  On June 1st, our Primary Math Olympiad team had its first Colibrí competition in Tres Ríos at the Saint Clare School.  We would like to extend a special thank you to Teacher Gina and our travelling parents for leading the group on this special inauguration day.  The results are now in, and we are very happy with all the results, but would like to mention those students who earned a spot in the Top 10% nation-wide:  Cristel Haaversen, Isabella D´Arsié, Leonardo Jiménez and Mariana Chartier.  Well done and best wishes to all in the next competition!
2.  On June 7th, our Secondary Math Olympiad team had the OLCOMA National Quarter Finals at the University of Costa Rica.  Only the top 30% nation-wide earn a place in the semi-finals.  Congratulations to the following students who are national semi-finalists.
Level 1- Carlos Shum, Lina Laurencich, Camila Gutiérrez and Alberto Pinto
Level 2- Steven Wu, Diego Laurencich, Nicole Lipschitz and Jimena Garrett
Level 3- Alina Carranza, Sofía Ruiz and Jackie Fung
3.  Congratulations to Nicole Lipschitz for her Bronze Medal at the XXI Mathematics Olympiad for Central America and the Carribbean in the Dominican Republic in June.  We wish her well in future international competitions! On Saturday 27th of July, students (Year 8 and above), staff and parents are invited to join a river clean up at Río Torres.  Participants will meet at school first and be transported by bus to the site.  There are limited spaces available, so please email to register and receive further information.

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