School Bulletin #2 – 1st February 2019


  • Tuesday 5th February: Schwan Cup Information evening for Year 5 parents (6:30 pm - Auditorium)


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHTS: Thank you to all of our parents who attended one of our Back to School Nights this week.  There are many new initiatives and activities happening this year ensuring that it will be a busy one.  If you missed anything, you can find copies of the slides on the Latest News section of the school’s website (in English: / in Spanish:

PARENT REPRESENTATIVES: As was mentioned in this week’s Back to School Meetings, we are launching a new Parent Representatives initiative this year in an attempt to strengthen communication channels between the Schools’ Administration and the parent body.  The objective is to have one parent representative per year level (15 in total) who will provide feedback to the School on a regular basis on issues that are common to the year level.  Tomorrow, a document containing a description of the main responsibilities of the parent representatives, a person specification for the role and a description of the application process will be sent separately to parents.  If, after having read the document, you would like to apply, or have any further questions about the role, please send an email to Mr. Berridge -  The deadline for applications is the 10th of February, with parents who applied being notified of the outcome in the following week.

NEASC: In line with our commitment to continual school improvement, we are pleased to announce that the British School will be applying for continued accreditation in 2019 with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  According to their website, this organisation works to ‘establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education’ with the award of a NEASC accreditation attesting to ‘a school’s high quality and integrity’.  The application process, which requires input from all members of the School’s Learning Community, will take approximately 18 months and will include the creation of a preliminary report, a four-day preparatory visit by two external education professionals (scheduled for May 20th to May 23rd of this year), a 12 month self-reflection and a week-long visit by a team of external educators (likely during the 2nd Quarter of 2020).  The accreditation process provides us with a unique opportunity to not only consider and reflect on our areas of strength and areas for development, but will also provide us with professional support and recommendations from external educators as we continue on our journey to educational excellence.  If any member of the BSCR Learning Community would like to learn more about the NEASC accreditation protocol that we will be using during this process, then we will be having an initial information session on Wednesday 13th of February at 3:00 pm in the Auditorium.


SCHWAN’S USA CUP: We will once again be sending our Year 5 representative football teams (boys and girls) to Minnesota, USA to participate in the annual Schwan’s USA Cup.  An information evening for interested parents will be held on Tuesday 5th of February, starting at 6:30 pm in the Auditorium.

E-MAIL COMMUNICATION & ETIQUETTE: In an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between parents and teachers, you will have received an email directory relevant to your child’s particular year group.  The communication book can continue to be used and must still be sent to school every day.  We kindly ask parents to be respectful and reasonable with your email communications, just as you have been with the communication book.  Teachers will not respond to emails during the evenings, on weekends or when they are teaching.  Please use the email directory to choose the appropriate person to communicate with and use the “Cc” (copy) function to include other people that should be aware (e.g. the class teacher) but don’t need to respond.

PRIMARY LIBRARY: The Primary Library reminds parents/guardians that students must present their ID card each time they request a book to take home. As a result, we would appreciate if you can please ensure that your children have the card so they can use and enjoy the books we have available for them at the library.

We also invite Primary students to participate in the following contests:

  • Drawing contest about a value.
  • Recycling contest: create a crown related to the story "The King and the Hawk".
  • Short story contest on the subject "Adventures with my Friends".  The students have time to bring their creations to the library until 10th of February.

LOST ID CARDS: Expired ID cards are replaced free of charge, however there is a 1,000 colones charge for lost cards to be replaced.  If your child needs a new card, please ask them to see Yanis in the Primary Office.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES / PRIMARY: We would like to apologize for the confusion and inconvenience caused by the breakdown in communication between our online booking system and banking services this week.  We understand that this situation caused considerable frustration and thank you for your understanding as we work to correct the problems that caused the breakdown.  All extra-curricular activities in Primary will begin in the week starting the 4th of February on the days and times stated in the circular.


CUBA TRIP – 2019: We would like to remind parents that the final payments for the Cuba trip in April should be paid to the school Caja by 15th of February in order for us to complete the payments of our accommodation and services in Havana.  Mr. Borrington sent out an email last week to all parents who have reserved a place on this trip.  If you have not yet responded to this email it is very important that you do so as soon as possible so that we have an accurate and up to date contact list for the visit.  If you have not received this email it is very likely that we do not have your current email address registered in the school.  If this is the case please email Mr. Borrington ( from your current email address with the date of birth and passport number of your son or daughter.  We will be sending out a letter at the end of this week with important information related to the trip.  Please make sure that your son or daughter shows you this letter in order for you to provide the necessary responses.  Finally we will be holding a meeting for parents on Tuesday 19th of February at 6:30 pm in the school common room to give out important information about our visit.  We look forward to seeing you there.

CHARITY FOOD WEEK 2018: In November of 2018 the school repeated the Charity Food event that it has held for the past two years.  Staff were asked to donate the money that they would normally spend during the week on their lunch and in return a group of teachers prepared food each day.  This year had a very international feel with dishes from Italy, India and Vietnam featuring in the week’s menu.  The event raised c 350,000 which we will donate to Fundamentes, a mental health charity here in Costa Rica that works with young people.

COSTA RICAN UNIVERSITIES – ENTRANCE EXAMS PREPARATION: As with previous years, the British School will be offering a series of free university entrance exam preparation classes to our students in the graduating generations.  For our Year 11 NB students, these classes are already incorporated into the regular programme of study (found in the weekly ‘logic’ classes).  For Year 12 students, these 8 additional classes will take place between February and May during various period 3 lessons on Tuesdays.  As these are optional classes, parents of Year 12 students are asked to fill in and return to Luis Diego Cascante a permission slip which was sent by email to all Year 12 parents.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES / SECONDARY: Thank you to all Secondary students who attended our first ‘Extra-Curricular Fair’ on Monday and who have subsequently signed up for one of our representative teams or community clubs.  Students are reminded to please ensure they hand in their permission slips for each club/team to reception.  All extra-curricular activities in Secondary will begin the week starting the 4th of February on the days and times stated in the circular.


  • 11–12–13 February: Political Parties registration
  • 18–19-20 February: "Propaganda period" - hallway decoration
  • Viernes 22 February: "Political Debate" - 12:30 pm / Auditorium
  • Martes 26 February: Student Council election for: Y5 - Y6 – Y7 – Y8
  • Miércoles 27 February: Student Council election for: Y9 – Y10 – Y11 – Y12

**FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE BSCR ELECTORAL PROCESS: Find the complete Bulletin in your email.

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