School Bulletin #21 – 2nd August 2019


  • Tuesday 6th August: Year 8 IGCSE Introductory Talk, 10:30am, auditorium (Parents welcome)
  • Wednesday 7th August: Year 11 & Year 12 Vocational Fair, 8:10am to 12:10am, University of Costa Rica
  • Wednesday 7th August: Year 1/Year 8 - IMYC Entry Point, 10:30am to 11:50am, gymnasium
  • Friday 9th August: Primary Maths Olympiad, 2:30pm to 4:30pm, Yorkin School


GREEN WEEK:  The Eco Committee would like to thank all members of our community who took part in our events, activities and competitions, helping to make our Green Week a great success. We had an amazing response to our competitions and all the Eco posters received were of the highest standard and conveyed great Eco messages. These posters are now on display around the School.  Our Green Week in numbers:

1 Green Week!
1 Energy saving competition winner - congratulations to Primary 5C!
1 Eco fish filled to the gills with recyclable waste!
Car pool day that did not go to plan (see below)!
2 Guest Eco Presentations - thanks to Esteban Chanto and Amigos del Rio Torres!
9 Eco form lessons delivered by student Eco Teachers!
12 Eco presentations delivered by our awesome primary Eco Committee members!
14 more cars on our car sharing day than the previous week - needs more work!
15 Display boards filled with students, staff and parents’ Eco work and posters!
17 Eco poster competition winners - congratulations!
17 Rio Torres clean up volunteers from the School!
21 Eco Suggestions competition entries - winners to be announced soon!
80 People attended our guest speakers’ Eco presentations!
288,555 colones raised by the jeans day for local environmental projects!

YEAR 1 / YEAR 8 COLLABORATION: On Wednesday the 7th of August, students from Year 1A and Year 1C will be working with students from Year 8 on an IMYC Entry Point project focusing on making crafts and playing a variety of games.  Although these activities will take place in the gym (10:30am to 11:40am) there is no need for students to bring any sportswear as they can participate in their regular uniform.

NEASC SURVEY REMINDER:  A big thank you to all parents who have already completed the NEASC survey which is a mandatory part of our current accreditation process.  For those parents who have not yet completed the survey (the deadline is Friday the 16th of August) you can access it here:

JUVENILE CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SOCIAL NETWORKS: We would like to invite all the parents from Year 2 to Year 12 to a talk on "juvenile criminal responsibility and social networks" that will take place on Thursday 5thSeptember at 8:30 am. The talk will be given by Judge of the Judiciary, Doña Rosaura Chinchilla, who recently gave a presentation on this issue to our Year 6 students. If you would like to attend please reserve your space in this link:
Please note that the space is limited so a reservation is needed.


ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS: Congratulations to Emma Díaz Aragón of Y3A for her recent participation in the national games in the discipline of artistic gymnastics.  Emma won a gold medal for the team event and a silver medal in the ‘Jump’ in the level 5 category.

REVISED LUNCH ARRANGEMENTS (EY3 / Y1): At the beginning of this quarter we introduced a period of 15 minutes for students to sit down and eat together, either in class or the soda. The aim of this was to allow sufficient, dedicated time for students to eat and then time for them to play. Feedback that we have received from the students has been very positive, indicating that they are enjoying and appreciative of the new arrangements. Teachers, too, have provided positive feedback. In addition to the calm space to eat, students are also developing their social skills and other life skills like cleaning up after themselves. We will continue to monitor this change with the idea of replicating it for Year 2 to Year 5 starting in Quarter 4. Implementing this change sooner is difficult due to the significant timetable changes that need to be made.

ECO POSTER COMPETITION WINNERS – PRIMARY LEVELS: Many congratulations to the winners of our Eco-Poster Competition:

Lower Primary:
1. Tomás Estrada Piedra - 1B
2. Matías Ugalde - 3A
3. Naima Álvarez - 1B

Higher Primary:
1. Abigail Álvarez - 4A
2. Abigail Álvarez - 4A
3. Marcella Patel - 5C

1. Ana Rojas
2. Dennis Álvarez
Both are parents of Naima and Abigail Álvarez


IMPORTANT DATES: Throughout the second semester our Senior students have a number of important assessments.  As a result, we would like to share with you the key assessment dates in advance:

18th to 22nd November: Years 6-9 2nd Semester Exams
13th to 27th August: Year 10 IGCSE Mock Exams
1st October to 14th November: Year 10 IGCSE Exams

16th to 20th September: Year 11 NB 2nd Semester Exams
16th to 17th September: Year 11 IB Estudios Sociales & Civica Exams
29th October to 5th November: Year 11 IB and NB MEP exams
11th to 15th November: Year 11 IB 2nd Semester Exams
18th to 22nd November: Year 11 IB Group 4 Project
28th November: Year 11NB Graduation

12th to 26th August: Year 12 IB Mock Exams
4th to 21st November: Year 12 IB Exams
25th November: Year 12 IB Graduation

Parents are reminded that students should not be absent for these exams (except for reasons of health, in which case medical documentation is required).  If the student is absent for a non-medical reason then they will not receive a grade.

YEAR 10 STUDY DAY – 12TH AUGUST: All Year 10 students will have a study day on Monday the 12th of August in preparation for their mock exams which begin on Tuesday the 13th of August.

IB/NB FAIR: On Tuesday, July 30th, Year 10 students and some of their parents attend a fair especially designed to support them in the decision-making process to choose either the International Baccalaureate diploma programme or the National Baccalaureate programme.  Each academic department, the CAS Coordinator and University Counsellor prepared stands to inform the students about the subject options available to them in each curriculum.  We also had the invaluable participation of alumni: María José Cadavid, Mariana Cerdas, Esteban Chanto Paola Lizano, Ilaria Pezzuolo and Andrea Solís, who shared their experiences with the students and had very productive conversations with some of them. Year 10 students need to present the forms, with their choice of options, to Ms. Christensen on or before August 13th.

ECO POSTER COMPETITION WINNERS – SECONDAR LEVELS: Many congratulations to the winners of our Eco-Poster Competition:

Year 6:
1. Isabella D’Arsie, Mariana Robles, Mariana Gallegos.
2. Ariella Chaves and Maripaz Asis
3. Catalina Carballo

Year 7:
1. Ankit Patel
2. Sebastián Mena, Mateo Salcedo, Carlos Shum, Tomás Chen, Gabriel Jiménez, Ankit Patel
3. Valeria Roldan, Isabella Palma, Marie Claire Joseph, Emma Videche

Year 8:
1. Sofía Quesada, Montserrat Coronas
2. Marianne De la Cruz, Rebecca Lopez
3. Andrés Fallas, Gabriel Robles

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