School Bulletin #22 – 9th August 2019


  • Monday 12thAugust: Start of IB Mock Exams for Year 12
    Year 10 Study Day
  • Tuesday 13thAugust: Start of IGCSE Mock Exams for Year 10
  • Wednesday 14thAugust: Year 9 Economics excursion to Museo de Oro, 8:10 am to 12:30 pm
  • Thursday 15thAugust: Happy Mothers Day!  School Closed.


MEETINGS BETWEEN PARENTS AND TEACHERS: Feedback provided by the Parent Representatives has indicated some improvements that could be made concerning the way that meetings are solicited between parents and teachers.  When scheduling a meeting Reception will now request the reason for the meeting as well as an indication of the urgency of the meeting.  This will apply equally to teachers requesting a meeting with parents, as it will to parents requesting a meeting with someone from the School.  Hopefully, this will lessen parent anxiety as to why they are being called to school, and also ensure that school staff are prepared with the relevant information.  For meetings of a sensitive nature, please email the topic of the meeting directly to the staff member concerned with as much notice as possible.  Reception can provide email addresses at time of scheduling of the meeting if necessary.

SCHOOL VALUE – RESPONSIBILITY:  In August, we are focusing on the value of responsibility which was embedded into our Green Week celebrations at the beginning of the term.  Environmental responsibility is just one of the many forms this value can take.  At school, the value of responsibility is promoted on a daily basis through the role that our mentors play in Secondary and through the allocation of class jobs in Early Years and Primary.  Jobs might include collecting and delivering resources, washing paint brushes, cleaning the tables after lunch and so on. Similarly, at home provide your children with jobs that they can do to help out and feel a sense of responsibility - wash the dishes, tidy their room, feed their pet, do the laundry, etc.  Provide help appropriate to their age, but don’t do everything for them.  Children are more capable and more willing than they are given credit for sometimes.

BUS CHANGES: We remind parents to always contact Treset, the bus company, concerning any changes to their child’s bus transportation at the end of the school day.  They can be contacted by telephone on 2220-0626 or via email at You should also copy in the Form Teacher, but the message should never be sent to just the Form Teacher.

NEASC SURVEY REMINDER: A big thank you to all parents who have already completed the NEASC survey which is a mandatory part of our current accreditation process.  For those parents who have not yet completed the survey (the deadline is Friday 16th of August) you can access it here:

ECO-SUGGESTIONS COMPETITION WINNERS: The Eco Committee would like to thank all those who entered our Green Week Eco Suggestions Competition.  All suggestions raised valid points and the Eco Committee will contact all those who entered to discuss their suggestions.  The Eco-Suggestion competition winners were:

  • Primary - Camila Salas Pardo: Who suggested that the School look at ways to further save electricity.
  • Secondary - Carolina Reyes: Who suggested a day in which the soda "sells" no plastic.
  • Staff - Ms Loughery: Who suggested replacing the plastic drink stirrers used in the staff rooms with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

The Primary and Secondary Eco Committee will be working with all winners to look at ways of implementing their suggestions.  Finally, we'd love to hear your thoughts on Green Week.  Please email us let us know what you think went well and how we could improve in the future -


RAFTING TRIP – YEAR 12 IB: Last Saturday, 27 Year 12 IB students enjoyed one of their CAS Activity experiences.  As part of their CAS project, Sofía Meza and Benjamín Charnock, together with the support of the Coordinator, Gina Torres, organised a tour in which the participating students were challenged to four hours of levels III and IV rafting. In this experience, they had to row efficiently, follow instructions and look after their equipment in a safe manner.  Many of the students were nervous but excited and by the end of the activity everyone had enjoyed the experience.  Thank you to the students for their participation in this activity and thanks to teachers Miss Sahnow, Mrs. W., Miss Attwood and teacher Robert Brenes for their support.

IGCSE, IB AND NB INTRODUCTION FAIRS:  On Tuesday 30th of July, Year 10 students attended our annual IB/NB Fair where students and parents visited the display tables of the course options available to them next year in both the IB and NB programmes.  Students also had the opportunity to speak to several BSCR alumni of both programmes who shared their experiences.  Students will need to hand in their course selections no later than Tuesday 13th of August to Ms. Christensen’s or Mr. Jacob’s office.
On Tuesday 6th of August, Year 8 students attended the IGCSE Fair.  After a presentation of the programme by Mr. Jacob, students and parents visited display tables and spoke to teachers regarding the various options.  Year 8 students will need to hand in their course selections no later than Tuesday 13thof August to their Form Teachers or to Mr. Jacob’s office.


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