School Bulletin #23 – 16th August 2019


  • Monday 19thAugust: National Earthquake Simulation
  • Tuesday 20thAugust: Early Years 1B Meet the Teacher - 8:05 am
  • Friday 23rd August: Year 5 IPC Trip - Museo de los Niños, 8:15 am - 11:30 am


NEASC SURVEY: We would like to thank all members of our community who provided us with their feedback via the external NEASC survey.  The next part of our accreditation process is to undertake a 10 month self-study where 12 different committees will be evaluating various different aspects of life at the School.  Your feedback will be shared with each of the committees so that they can take it into account when considering our various strengths and areas for improvement.  The summary findings of these committees, along with their recommendations, will be shared with our community in April of 2020.

NATIONAL EARTHQUAKE SIMULATION: In alignment with the National Earthquake Simulation (“Simulacro Nacional”) on Monday 19th of August, the School will be conducting its own earthquake drill to test procedures and ensure students and staff know how to react in an emergency.  This will be timed to avoid interrupting the secondary school exams.  To get involved or find more information, visit

BSCR VALUES - RESPONSIBILITY: At school, as at home and life in general, there are rules and expectations.  These rules and expectations establish common standards, maintain order, resolve disputes and provide protection.  School is an ideal place to develop an understanding of this as it is a safe environment to make mistakes, and mistakes are an important part of learning.  At school, there are clear rules and expectations, often developed in conjunction with the students.  Students are supported to live up to these expectations, but also held accountable for the actions when they don’t meet them.  What this looks like is detailed in our Discipline Policy that you can find in the Parent Handbook.  At home, we encourage you to set clear rules, limits and expectations with your children, which can be developed in conjunction with them.  It is then important to hold them accountable where appropriate as there is no value in a rule if one is not held accountable to it.


HOUSE SPELLING BEE: The Spanish Department and Houses would like to thank all students, teachers and staff who participated in the Spelling Bee - 2019.  Thanks to their participation and the high level shown by the contestants, the activity was a great success.   We would like to congratulate the winners:
First Place: Leonardo Jiménez - Arenal
Second Place: Gabriel Mejía - Irazú
Third Place: Carolina Muñoz - Poás

TOK TALKS – YEARS 11 AND 12 IB: Last Wednesday 7th of August, Years 11 and 12 IB students enjoyed several TOK TALKS.  As part of their TOK learning experience, Mr. Berridge, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Rojas, with the support of the Coordinator, Isaac Zúñiga, shared their perspectives related to the prescribed TOK essay titles for the 2019 academic year.  In this activity, the students had the chance to ask questions and address and doubts with their teachers, while enjoying the experience of interacting with subject teachers in a different way.  Thank you to the students for their participation in this activity and to the teacher’s for their excellent contributions.

IMYC ENTRY POINT ACTIVITIES: We would like to congratulate our Middle Years students for the enthusiasm, companionship and respect, they demonstrated during recent IMYC activities, thereby promoting and demonstrating the school values.
Year 7: Year 7 students, in their French and Physical Education classes, worked with a series of traditional dances and games from French-speaking countries while exploring the concept of tradition.  Each group was able to share their experiences with their peers and through this collaboration were able to see that traditions and customs vary greatly in different cultures.
Year 8: the Year 8 students, examining the concept of Community, planned an activity to be carried out with our Year 1 students. The year group planned and implemented various physical activities which they shared with the children.  Within this activity, the students reinforced the importance of belonging to a community, tolerance and teamwork.

VOCATIONAL FAIR UNIVERSITY OF COSTA RICA (UCR): On Wednesday 7th of August, Year 11 National Baccalaureate and Year 12 students visited Ciudad de la Investigación in Sabanilla to participate in the Annual Vocational Fair offered by Universidad de Costa Rica.  The Fair offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about study programmes, admission requirements, areas of specialization, work opportunities and other important information provided by university professors and advanced students.  The students enjoyed the opportunity of visiting UCR and found this activity to be very useful and informative.

FREE SUBJECT TURORIALS FOR SECONDARY: The following tutorials will be held, free of charge, between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm on each day throughout the second semester:

Year 8 Maths: Mr. Mallorie
Years 6 to 8 History: Mr. Jones
Year 8 French: Ms. Vicente
Year 7 Maths: Mr. Narvaez
Years 6 & 7 Science: Ms. Waldbauer
Year 6 French: Ms. Vicente
Year 6 to 8 History (by request): Ms. Loughery

Year 9 Chemistry & Year 10 Biology: Ms. Attwood
Years 9 & 10 History: Mr. Jones
Year 9 Maths: Ms. Vincent
Year 10 Maths: Ms. Gillespie
Years 9 & 10 Economics: Mr. Paradis
Years 9 & 10 Spanish (by request): Ms. Araya
Years 9 & 10 Physics: Mr. Jones
Years 9 & 10 History (by request): Ms. Loughery

Years 11 & 12 Biology: Ms. Attwood
Years 11 & 12 History: Mr. Jones
Year 12 Maths SL: Ms. Gillespie
Years 11 & 12 Spanish (by request): Ms. Castillo & Ms. Alfaro
Years 11 & 12 Economics: Mr. Paradis
Years 11 & 12 Physics: Mr. Jones
Years 11 & 12 History (by request): Ms. Loughery

Geography:       All days and levels (by request)         Ms. Winberg
Biology:             All days and levels (by request)         Mr. Jimenez
History               All days and levels (by request)         Mr. Jones

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