School Bulletin #24 – 23rd August 2019


  • Monday 26thAugust: Final day of Year 12 IB Mock Exams
  • Tuesday 27thAugust: Final day of Year 10 IGCSE Mock Exams


EARTHQUAKE DRILL: On Monday 19th of August the British School, in alignment with the National Earthquake Simulation, undertook a campus-wide earthquake drill.   The objective of this activity was to test our emergency procedures thereby ensuring that all members of our community know what to do in the event of a real emergency.  Members of the Health and Safety Committee observed all sections of the school during the drill and are delighted to report that while there are still a few areas for improvement, the vast majority of our community followed our designated earthquake safety procedures effectively.

NEW CAMPUS:  We would like to give you an update of the New Campus project. The Design of the New Campus has already been approved by the D.I.E.E. (MEP). Last week our design team went forward and presented the first draft to the CFIA (Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos) and the “Ante Proyecto” has been approved.  At the moment we are waiting for our permission for water supply with the AyA in Alajuela to enable us to then go forward with the process in SETENA.  At the same time, we have asked for permission to drill a well.  There is still a lot of work to be done but for the moment everything seems to be moving forward with very few delays.

SUPPOSED GUARD:  Unfortunately, the supposed guard in the street to the West of the school has returned.  This man was demanding that parents pay him, not only for his service of guarding cars, but also for the right of passage down the road.  We can only suggest (again) that parents stand firm and absolutely refuse to pay him anything.  We know this will take some courage but it appears that the only way to discourage him is by making his endeavours fruitless. We would also suggest that if parents are threatened in such a way that it constitutes robbery (with menaces), then they should call the police immediately.


WEDNESDAY CLUBS (EARLY YEARS 1 – YEAR 1): We are making some changes to the Wednesday afternoon clubs (between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm) to provide a better experience for the students and also improve supervision during both the clubs and After School Care.  A separate letter detailing the changes will be sent to those parents involved.


GOLF CHAMPION: Congratulations to Diego Montero (Year 6C) on being crowned B-Category Champion at the 2019 Stroke Play National Golf Championship during the weekend of the 9th – 11th of August.

MATHS OLYMPICS – 2019: Congratulations to Nicole Lipschitz Kesselman of Year 9C who will be part of the delegation representing Costa Rica at the 34th Maths Olympics 2019, in Guanajuato, Mexico.

VISITOR FROM BENTLEY UNIVERSITY: On Wednesday 21st of August, some of our Year 11 students attended a presentation by a representative from Bentley University.  During the presentation the students learned about Bentley’s programmes of study, admissions process, student life and scholarships.  Bentley is a prestigious university located in Waltham, Massachusetts which specializes in the Business area.

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