School Bulletin #25 – 30th August 2019


  • Tuesday 3rd September: EY1 Trip to the UCR Planetarium
  • Tuesday 3rd September: Year 7 Spanish Trip to the National Theatre - ‘Novela El Diario de Ana Frank’ - 8am to 12 pm
  • Wednesday 4th September: Year 7B Service Learning Activity - Hogar Baik - 8am to 2pm
  • Thursday 5th September: Presentation for Parents (Years 2 to 12) by Jueza Rosaura Chinchilla - ‘Ley penal juvenile  y redes sociales’ - 8:30am to 9:30am
  • Friday 6th September: EY3 Trip to La Salle Museum
  • Friday 6th September: Year 6 to Year 8 Science Fair - 8:10am to  10:10am
  • Friday 6th September: Secondary Maths Olympiad - 7:50am to 2pm
  • Saturday 7th September: Primary Maths Olympiad at St Clare School –
    8am to 12pm


SERVICE LEARNING ACTIVITY – THE BAIK HOME: Year 7B thanks the entire community of the school for their enthusiastic and generous response to the "bake sale" that took place on August 23rd. We specifically would like to recognize the participation and support of our Primary students which was outstanding. The amount collected was 291,570 Colones, which will go entirely to the pro-construction account of the multi-purpose classroom at the Baik House in Cartago.  This home caters for abandoned children between 0 and 8 years of age.

VEHICLES IN SCHOOL:  Could we, once again, remind parents that, when arriving in a vehicle to leave or collect their children, they should enter the internal road by the East gate (San Jose side) circulate within the school grounds, leave or collect their child(ren) at the “official” entrance / exit gate near the Administration Building and then depart via the West gate or ii) at departure time, they should arrive EARLY and park in the Car Park to later collect their children personally from the “official” entrance / exit gate.
Parents who insist on trying to enter via the West gate or park in the western approach road at peak traffic times are causing SERIOUS congestion, delaying the school buses and other parents and creating conflict for the School with our neighbours.  During the 20 minutes before a peak departure time (2 and 3 p.m.), when the guard places the sign “NO HAY ESPACIO” in the entrance, please do not insist on trying to enter the car park.  At peak traffic times, the West gate and the road leading out to the West side must be considered an exit and not an entrance.  We thank you in anticipation of your cooperation in these aspects.


EARLY YEARS TRIPS:  Early Years 1 are looking towards the stars in their IEYC unit for this quarter, called “Blast Off!” To further enhance the student learning they will be visiting the planetarium at the University of Costa Rica on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Early Years 3 have been exploring the Jurassic Period and the intriguing animals alive then: the dinosaurs! These students will be visiting the dinosaur collection at the La Salle Museum on Friday.
Parents are reminded that each child must have written consent to participate in these trips. Ideally this should be by returning the permission slip on the trip notification letter. Alternatively, an email stating you authorise your child (using their name) to attend the trip (location) on (date) may be sent via email to the class teacher.

YEAR TO YEAR TRANSITIONS: We have been having numerous conversations with parents recently about the transition process for children and parents from the end of one year to the beginning of the next year. We understand that parents have many questions about the potential changes. To enable us to better respond directly to your needs and doubts, please send any specific questions you may have to Teacher Iian Please detail which year level transition your question relates to (e.g. Y2 - Y3). We will not necessarily respond to each individual question but use them to create a bank of questions that we will then address with the larger school community via bulletin messages, Facebook, emails, workshops, etc.

SERVICE LEARNING ACTIVITY – YEAR: The Service Learning Program has been expanding in the student community of the British School and this year is the first time that Year 4 students actively participate in a project. The project consists of supporting people in street situations through the Fundación Esperanza Urbana, so last Wednesday 21st August Year 4B students, with great enthusiasm, prepared sandwiches that were delivered overnight by the Esperanza Urbana volunteers along with other donations. During the next weeks, the Year 4 A and C groups will be incorporated into the project.


YEAR 8 ART – UNDER THE SEA ART EXHIBITION: The Art Department would like to invite the school community to view the Year 8 ceramic exhibition currently on display in the school entrance. The Year 8 students work extremely hard to produce excellent experimentations of relief sculpture work exploring the theme of Challenge in the manipulation and exploration of clay inspired by ceramic artists such as Alice Ballard and Kate Malone.

A REQUEST TO THE SCHOOL COMMUNITY: The Art Department would like to ask any member of our community to please donate any spare telephone directory books that students have in their homes and that are not needed.  Thank you for your assistance.

This Saturday, August 31st, Year 11 National Baccalaureate and Year 12 students who followed the registration process and did not request curricular modifications, will have their admissions exam for Universidad de Costa Rica and Universidad Nacional. The exam will be in Colegio Monterrey in barrio Vargas Araya, San Pedro de Montes de Oca (from the sports facilities of UCR 100 meters east and 300 meters south) at 8am.  Students should present a valid identification document: Costa Rican cédula de identidad, TIM (Tarjeta de Identificación de Menores), Costa Rican drivers license, passport, cédula de residencia or refugee carnet.  They should bring a couple of number 2 graphite pencils and a white eraser that will not stain.  The test is 3 hours long.  We wish our students every success in this exam as well as in the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica exam that they took last week.


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