School Bulletin #28 – 20th September 2019


  • Friday 20th - Friday 27thSeptember: Lost Property available for collection in administration
  • Monday 23rd - Friday 27thSeptember: School Holidays
  • Monday 30th September: First Day of Quarter 4
  • Monday 30th September: Year 3 – Year 6 Theatrical Performance “Galileo”
  • Tuesday 1st October: IGCSE Exams begin (Year 10)
  • Friday 4th October: Year 4 IPC Trip to the UCR Planetarium


LOST PROPERTY: Our lost property cupboards are once again overflowing.  Lost property will be available in the Administration building for collection from Friday 20th of September.  Any items not collected by Friday 27th of September will be donated to charity or discarded.  A simple way to avoid lost property is to label your child’s belongings with their name and class.  Found items that are labelled are returned immediately to the student. Unlabelled items go directly to the Lost Property cupboards in the relevant section.

COSTA RICA INDEPENDENCE DAY: On Friday 13th of September, the British School celebrated the Independence Day of Costa Rica.  This event started very early with the entrance of the Torch on the school field as a symbol of freedom. The Civic Act then took place in the gym, with the whole school in attendance.  This year, the act was characterised by a series of traditional dances such as "Canto a mi Puntarenas" and "Rice and Beans" from Early Years 2, "Puro Guanacasteco" from Early Years 3, poems and “retahílas” from Year 4, and finally, a play from Year 11, "Los Días de Independencia".  At noon, we enjoyed beans “tamalitos” and “horchata”, as well as listening to a cheerful marimba.  Thanks to all the teachers, administrative staff and students who made this wonderful cultural event possible.


PRIMARY LUNCHES: After the holidays, all Primary students will be provided with 15 minutes of eating time in their classrooms, followed by 30 minutes of playtime in the playground.

EY3 - Y1 (except Wednesdays)
- Eating time: 11.15 am - 11.30 am
- Playtime: 11.30 am - 12.00 pm

Y2 - Y5 (Monday - Friday)
- Eating time: 11.45 am - 12.00 pm
- Playtime: 12.00 pm - 12.30 pm

During eating time, students, with a packed lunch from home, will eat in the classroom with either their Form Teacher or Spanish teacher.  Students who order food from the soda will remain in the Soda to eat, under appropriate supervision.  To ensure a quality eating experience that is not rushed, students that finish eating early will not be allowed to start their playtime before the relevant time indicated above.  As students now have the time and space to eat properly, we encourage parents to send quality, healthy foods to school for lunch, and avoid things like chips and biscuits.  There will continue to be no access to microwaves.

PARENT/TEACHER MEETINGS – WEDNESDAY 9TH OF OCTOBER: Parent/Teacher Meetings will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th of October, between 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm.  You should have received an appointment time from your child’s class teacher.  Appointment slots are only 10 minutes and will be used to provide further details about the Quarter 3 reports that will be sent by e-mail next week.


THE POLITICAL AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF COSTA RICA FROM 1940 TO 1990: Last Friday 6th of September, the Social Studies Department organized a talk for Year 11 students with Mrs. Gloria Bejarano de Calderón, former First Lady and deputy.  The talk was focused on various aspects of the political and social development of Costa Rica from 1940 to 1990.  Thank you to Doña Gloria for being willing to share her perpsectives on this period and to teacher Rosario Calderón for having facilitated the discussion.

VISIT TO THE SECONDARY CLASSROOMS: During the week before the holidays, Secondary students received an in-class visit from the school's SDS Department which was focused on developing a range of different themes with each of the year levels from Year 6 to Year 10.  During these classes, the students worked on topics such as: respect, handling emotions, conflict resolution, sexuality and affectivity and life-projects.  These classes aregiven to the students by the SDS Department throughout the year and always result in high levels of participation from the student body.

TALK FOR SECONDARY PARENTS: The SDS Department would like to invite parents from all Secondary School levels to the talk "Adolescent Children: Challenges and Obstacles", given by our school's Secondary psychologists (SDS Department).  It will be held on Wednesday 16th of October in the Secondary Common Room at 6:30 pm.  We hope to have a large attendance.

PSAT: On Saturday 19th of October morning, we will be administering the PSAT exam in the school’s auditorium.  The PSAT is an external preparatory exam for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) which is used for admission purposes in most universities in the United States.  The test is offered for interested Year 9, Year 10 & Year 11 students and it has a cost of 21,000 colones which should be paid at the Caja.  Upon completion of payment the student will receive an informative booklet which provides instructions for the exam as well as practice papers.

IGCSE EXAMS: On Tuesday 1st of October, our Year 10 students will begin their final IGCSE examinations.  These examinations are the culmination of our two year IGSCE programme and we would like to wish each of our students the very best of luck throughout the exam period.  For all Year 10 students, Monday 30th of September is a Study Day with student attendance at school not being required.  However, students may still come into school and meet with their teachers in their regular scheduled lesson times, if they would like to do so.

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