School Bulletin #3 – 8th February 2019


  • Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th February: Inscription period for political parties for election to the Student Council (Senior)
  • Wednesday 13th February: Introduction to NEASC Accreditation, 3 pm, Auditorium
  • Thursday 14thFebruary: Friendship Day / Wear a red, white or pink shirt with jeans/shorts.
  • Thursday 14thFebruary: IB Art trip to Esculturas Jorge Jiménez Deredia
  • Friday 15thFebruary: Year 3 IPC Trip / Braulio Carrillo NP
  • Friday 15thFebruary: Year 11 D of E Silver training expedition (return on Sunday 17th February)


PARENT REPRESENTATIVES: Thank you to all parents who have already submitted their interest in being a parent-representative for the 2019 academic year.  At the same time we also have several year levels that currently do not have a parent representative (EY1, Year 3, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12).  As a result, we would like to encourage all parents who might like to get involved in this area to send an email of interest to  A document containing a description of the main responsibilities of the role and a person specification was sent by email to all parents on the 1st of February.

NEASC: We would like to invite any member of the BSCR Learning Community (students, staff or parents), who would like to learn more about the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accreditation protocol to an initial information session on Wednesday 13th of February at 3:00 pm in the Auditorium.  This session will outline both the accreditation process and the criteria that will be used to evaluate the school’s accreditation outcome.  Due to the accreditation process being undertaken in English the workshop will be presented in English.  However, for Spanish options, please contact Ericka Phillips by telephone or email (

FRIENDSHIP DAY – RESPECT: We want to celebrate Friendship Day on 14th of February by promoting the value of respect among our students and in our learning community in general.  On behalf of the Student Development Services Department (SDS), we encourage you to practice this value at home, reinforcing skills and attitudes such as:

  • Give an example of caring behavior and kindness.
  • Reinforce within the family unit the habit of using words such as "good morning", "thank you" and "please".
  • Promote the decision-making process as well as the search for solutions to different problems.
  • Establish the rules at home in a firm and friendly manner as proposed by positive discipline.
  • Use positive communication, focusing on the reinforcement of qualities and abilities.
  • Promote family spaces that allow you to approach and guide your children.
  • Motivate your children to take care of their belongings as well as those of others, keeping them tidy and using them properly.
  • Encourage the proper use of social networks where healthy and cordial interpersonal relationships are promoted.


FRIENDSHIP DAY: On Thursday 14th of February, Early Years and Primary students will be celebrating Friendship Day. Our focus for this year is one of our new school values: Respect.  Students will be participating in different activities throughout the day that reinforce this.  A key part of respect is not bullying and this will initiate our anti-bullying programmes for the year. On the day, students may wear a red, white or pink shirt with jeans or shorts, and school-appropriate footwear.

POSITIVE DISCIPLINE WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS: We would like to invite all new parents to the "Positive Discipline" workshop, which will be facilitated by Gabriela Gutiérrez and Andreína Azofeifa, from the Student Development Service (SDS).  The workshop will be on Wednesday 20th of February at 8:15 am in the Auditorium.  The objective of this workshop is to coordinate the efforts of the school and parents to develop life skills such as respect, responsibility and cooperation in children, which will allow them to solve conflicts and responsibly take on the challenges presented to them.  The workshop will be presented in Spanish.  For English options, please contact the SDS Department by telephone or email (

YEAR 5 CAMP: Year 5 parents are reminded that the permission forms, including relevant medical information, for the upcoming camp are due on Friday 15th of February.  They should be sent to your child’s form teacher.


TENNIS CHAMPION: Congratulations to Adrián Quirós Monterrey of Year 8A, who was crowned champion in the National Junior Singles and Doubles, placing at the number one ranked player of the country in the U – 14 category.  As a result of his successful participation, Adrián will be representing the country in the next competition that will take place in the Dominican Republic in March 2019.

IMYC ENTRY POINT ACTIVITIES, Q1: Our Years 6, 7 and 8 students undertook their Entry Point Activities for the first quarter of 2019 during this week.  First, on Monday 4th of February and within the framework of Responsibility, the Year 8 students participated in a brief workshop organised by the English Department, in which they fulfilled various tasks and challenges.  The students discovered the importance of responsibility, teamwork and their role as members of a responsible community.

On Tuesday 5th of February, the Year 6 students, with their theme of Structure, participated in a workshop organised by the French Department, where they were presented with different challenges and had to structure materials and ideas to overcome them.  The students learned the importance of following and maintaining a structure and how this contributes to their development.

Finally, on Wednesday 6th of February, the Year 7 students, during their Spanish lessons, learned about Communication and its importance as a social practice inherent to our daily life.  The activities also explored feelings and emotions that our students communicated with each other.

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