School Bulletin #30 – 11th October 2019


  • Wednesday 16th October: Year 7 Visit to UCR Insect Museum - 10:15 am
  • Wednesday 16th October: Target USA Cup Meeting for all interested Year 4 parents - 6:30 pm, Auditorium
  • Wednesday 16th October: ‘Adolescent Children: Challenges and Obstacles’ – SDS talk for all interested Secondary parents – 6:30pm, Common Room
  • Thursday 17th October: IGCSE Art Exhibition - 5:00 pm, 2nd floor of the Administration building
  • Friday 18th October: Primary Parent Council Meeting
  • Friday 18th October: Year 4 / Year 5 debate - 12.30 pm
  • Saturday 19th October: PSAT Exam, Auditorium
  • Saturday 19th October: Year 11IB Art visit to Rodolfo Stanley’s Exhibition - 12:30 pm, Museum of Costa Rican Art


TERMINATION OF "RACSA" EMAIL: We have received a communication from “” indicating (at very short notice) that all “racsa” email addresses will be taken out of service.  Therefore, we must indicate to all members of the School community that they cannot communicate with us via the address after the 31st of October.   Consequently, before the end of this month, we will incorporate a new email address “” to be used in place of that defunct “racsa” address.


YEAR 5 PARENTS MEETING: Year 5 parents are invited to the Year 6 2020 induction meeting on Tuesday 22nd of October at 8:30 am in the school gymnasium.

YEAR 4 / YEAR 5 DEBATE: On Friday, 18th of October, a selection of Year 4 and Year 5 students will be debating whether Maths textbooks are an appropriate resource for learning.  This is our annual debate for this year which aims to extend and develop the students’ speaking and research skills.  This has been a joint project with a group of secondary students who have been supporting the primary students to learn more about the debating process. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we can only admit the parents (maximum of 2 adults) of those students presenting in the debate.

CHICAGO MARATHON – TEACHER NATALIA (EARLY YEARS 1): We would like to wish Teacher Natalia of Early Years 1 the best of luck this weekend as she competes in the prestigious Chicago Marathon.

ELDERLY MONTH: In commemoration of Elderly Month, all Primary students are invited to write an original short story along with the elderly people with whom they share their day-to-day interactions.  The story may be based on legends, family stories/anecdotes, or any other topic of interest.  The students are also invited to make a drawing on pollution prevention and environmental conservation.  The deadline for submit the story and/or drawing is the 31st of October.


YEAR 7A SERVICE LEARNING EXPERIENCE: On Saturday 5th of October, the class of 7A gave up their Saturday to do some good in their community.  At Playa Guacalillo the students, along with T. Lady, T. Gina, Ms. K and Mrs. W, cleaned up a large portion of beach for the afternoon.  Working in small teams, they picked up all sorts of trash.  Later, the groups separated out all the trash having collected over 350 bottle caps, 60 shoes, a meter-long piece of rubber, and even a toilet lid!  Many congratulations to both 7A and the accompanying staff members on a job well done!

YEAR 12 IB VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITION: Congratulations to the Year 12 IB Visual Arts students who presented a wonderful and very professional display of artwork in the Auditorium for their final IB Visual Arts Exhibition on Thursday 3rd of October.  The event was well supported by parents, friends and students from other schools who came to celebrate the high standards of excellence that was evident in the exhibition.  The Art Department would like to congratulate all the hard work and outstanding achievements of the IB Art students: Alexandra, María Paula, Fabiola, Julie, Andrés, Diana, Amanda, Katerina, Sofía, Tomás, Priscilla, and Stella and the Art Department would like to wish them all the very best in the future.

CULTURES DAY: On Monday 7th of October we had the Civic Act to commemorate the "Cultures Day" (12th of October).  This act emphasized the school’s cultural diversity and also the ethnic and multi-cultural nature of Costa Rica.  The acts of this Assembly began with scene 3 (from act 4) of the play "Tartuffe" by Molière, performed by Year 12.  Then Henry Ledezma performed "El Cóndor Pasa" with an ocarina, along with Year 6 students performing "Vuelvo a Vivir" by the Illapu group.  Year 9 students then presented "Could you be loved" by Bob Marley, followed by a Year 11 "Tribute to Indigenous Languages" which included the interpretation of the Costa Rican National Anthem in the bribrí language.  The event ended with a Year 12 dance mix of salsa, bachata, cumbia and merengue; a great musical variety to represent the ethnic diversity of Costa Rica.  Thanks to the departments of Philosophy, French, Music, Spanish, PE and Social Studies for making this celebration possible.

TALK FOR SECONDARY PARENTS: The SDS Department would like to invite parents from all Secondary School levels to the talk "Adolescent Children: Challenges and Obstacles", given by our school's Secondary psychologists (SDS Department).  It will be held on Wednesday 16th of October in the Secondary Common Room at 6:30 pm.  We hope to have a large attendance.

PSAT: On Saturday 19th of October morning, we will be administering the PSAT exam in the school’s auditorium.  The PSAT is an external preparatory exam for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) which is used for admission purposes in most universities in the United States.  The test is offered for interested Year 9, Year 10 & Year 11 students and it has a cost of 21,000 colones which should be paid at the Caja.  Upon completion of payment, the student will receive an informative booklet which provides instructions for the exam as well as practice papers.

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