School Bulletin #34 – 8th November 2019


  • Monday 11th November: Start of Year 11IB Exam Week
  • Tuesday 12th November: Health Day - All levels
  • Tuesday 12th November: Year 1 Induction session for Early Year 3 parents – 8:30 am / Gymnasium
  • Thursday 14th November: Early Years 1 Exit Point – 8:00 am in Early Years
  • Friday 15th November: Visit by representatives of Isla Coco (Year 4 / Year 5)


HEALTH DAY: On Tuesday 12th of November, the British School of Costa Rica will be celebrating Health Day.  On this day, students and staff members from all levels are invited to come into school in sports clothing and may purchase healthy smoothies from the Soda.  Throughout the day, the Student Council will also be facilitating activities aimed at raising awareness of mental health including a secret appreciation initiative and the sharing of purple bracelets (the symbol of mental health awareness).

UNIFORM EXCHANGE 2019-2020 – WHY BUY IF YOU CAN USE PRE-LOVED UNIFORMS?: In conjunction with our Parent Council and the School’s Eco-Committee we would like to inform our Community about a new initiative that we are starting this year - a uniform exchange!  The idea is that parents may donate any uniforms that they no longer need so that other students can use them next year.  With regard to logistics, parents can drop off the uniforms that they wish to donate between the 21st and 28th of November by using the donation bins at the student entrance to the inner part of our campus (next to the Newrest Station).  Donations should be clean and in good condition (minor stains are acceptable but they should not be ripped or torn) and can be either regular or PE uniforms from Early Years, Primary or Secondary.  Following this week, several of our parent volunteers will create an inventory of all of the donations and share it with the community along with times when parents can come into School to pick up donated uniforms.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with this initiative please contact our Year 7 Parent Representative, Mónica Volio, on

DONATION OF FOOTBALL BOOTS AND SPORTS EQUIPMENT: From Monday 11th to Wednesday 27th of November, the School will be collecting football boots and other football equipment (vests, tennis shoes, shin guards, etc.) which should be in good condition, as well as new white socks.  These donations, in conjunction with the “Fundación Club Sport La Libertad” will be given to young people from Pavas who are living in challenging social circumstances so that they have an opportunity to practice this sport.  If you plan to change your football boots or the ones you have no longer fit you, you can contribute to change the lives of these young people through sport.  Donations can be given to the teachers of each year group.


YEAR 1 INDUCTION SESSION:  Next Tuesday (12th of November), we will be holding an induction session for current Early Years 3 parents to provide more information about the transition to Year 1.  This session will be held in the gym, starting at 8.30 am.  Early Years 3 students will also start classes at 8:30 am on this day to try to reduce traffic congestion issues.  Thank you to those parents that have already indicated their attendance and shared questions. If you have not yet registered, you can do so at the following link:

‘ISLA DEL COCO’ VISIT: On Friday the 8th of November, Year 4 and Year 5 students will be taking a tour to ‘Isla del Coco’ via Virtual Reality (VR).  The students will be involved in an interactive session where they get to wear VR headsets that allow them to “swim” through the waters surrounding the island.  This links in with their current work on coastlines and pollution.

PRIMARY AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS: We wish to remind parents that the last week of Primary After School Clubs will be the week of the 18th – 22nd of November.  We would like to invite parents to their child's last club session on the day and time they have their club so that they can participate and see what their children have learnt throughout the semester.


EDUCATIONAL TOUR TO OROSI CHURCH AND ‘RUINAS DE UJARRÁS’: As part of the Year 8 unit on the Conquest and Colonization process, the Estudios Sociales Department conducted an educational tour to the Orosi Valley.  Upon arriving at the site, the group visited the colonial temple and the San José Museum of Religious Art, where the elements of each place and their importance in daily life were explained.  In the second part of the tour, the students went to ‘Ruinas de Ujarrás’, where they were asked to create a comic or short story that included the economic, social, political and cultural characteristics which were part of the Costa Rican colonial society.

“WHITE TITANIUM” CONCERT BY YEAR 6 STUDENTS: Last Friday, we had the pleasure of attending the concert that the student band White Titanium offered during the lunch break.  It was a very rewarding experience not only to hear the excellent sound of the band, but also to see the energy and talent of its members.  We congratulate Gastón Goddard, Marcelo Rojas, José Carlo Bocaletti and Mattía Rojas for their excellent performance and for all the effort they invested in making it possible.

YEAR 6C – SERVICE LEARNING / ROBLE ALTO: On Monday 4th of November, Year 6C students visited the “Asociación Roble Alto” – an organisation whose central purpose is to take care of children living in vulnerable conditions around Costa Rica.  As part of their learning experience, our students had the opportunity to experience and understand the challenging conditions that these children face each day.  As part of their project, Year 6C raised funds selling raffle tickets which they then donated to the health fund of the Asociación.  Finally, during the visit, our students played a lot of games with the children of Roble Alto and shared a meal together.

SECONDARY AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS: We wish to inform parents that the clubs and Representative Teams will finish the week of the 11th – 15th of November which is the week before exams.  Some clubs may finish sooner due to lack of participation.  In such cases, students will be informed by their instructors.

YEAR 11NB / YEAR 12IB: Over the last two Friday's, BSCR students and staff have said farewell to our graduating students on their final day of classes - the 25th of October for Year 11NB and the 1st of November for Year 12IB.  After adorning the Secondary corridors in the morning with various decorations each generation then enjoyed a 'shared breakfast' with their teachers.  The graduates, dressed in various costumes, then visited the different sections of the school to say goodbye to each year level before enjoying a celebration with their parents on the Basketball Court.  We would like to thank both generations for all of their contributions to the British School during their time with us and we wish them the very best of luck both with the remainder of their exams and their next steps, post-BSCR.




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