School Bulletin #6 – 1st March, 2019


  • Monday 4th March: Primary House Colours Day
  • Thursday 7thMarch: Early Year 2 IEYC Trips
  • Thursday 7thMarch: Early Years 3 Spanish trip - Parque Diversiones
  • Friday 8th March: Year 5 IPC Trip - El Tablazo Finca Agroecológica
  • Saturday 9thMarch: International Fair – 10:00 am to 2:30 pm


SUN SAFETY AND DEHYDRATION GUIDANCE: We are currently experiencing some rather hot and humid weather and as a result of this the Health and Safety Committee would like to offer the following guidance. It is essential that all students consume a suitable amount of water/fluid throughout the day.  We encourage parents to ensure that students come to School with a reusable water bottle, which can be filled/refilled at School and may be consumed at any time, including breaks, lunchtime and classes.  To facilitate this we are in the process of installing two new filtered water fountains (one is currently at the intersection between Primary and Secondary and the other will be installed this week on the infirmary corridor).  We also recommend parents pack nutritious lunches including hydrating liquids and food.

With regard to sun safety we recommend that, in addition to applying the appropriate sun block, students have hats/caps which can be worn during breaks and lunchtime and whenever students may use a lot of energy playing directly in the sun. Finally, we also suggest the provision of wraparound sunglasses that block as close to 100% UVA and UVB as possible.

LOST PROPERTY: We would like to remind all parents to please ensure that the name of your child is placed into each of the items that they bring to School.  Each quarter we have numerous items in our Lost Property (both clothing and other items such as lunchboxes and water bottles) that go unclaimed and as they do not have a name in them we are unable to return them to their rightful owner.

STUDENT INSURANCE POLICY: We would like to remind you that our students are enrolled in an INS Student Collective Insurance Policy.  This policy operates only within Costa Rica and extends to cover accidents that may occur to the student in or outside the School.  The maximum coverage of this policy is Ȼ2,500,000.00.  Should you have any questions or require more information, please contact Yanis Montero ( for Primary students or Paula Montero ( for Secondary students.


TOTAL - STUDENTS: 442 - 100 %
TOTAL – VALID VOTES: 333 - 75 %
TOTAL – NULL VOTES: 1 - 0.3 %
TOTAL – MERAKI VOTES: 185 - 55.5 %
TOTAL – BUZZ VOTES: 147 - 44.1 %

Our next Student Council will, therefore, be comprised of the following people: President: Ariana Chacón - Y11B; Vice President: Álvaro Barquero - Y10B; Treasurer: María Paula Solís - Y12A; Secretary: Daniel Chen - Y9B; Vocal: Carmen Avilés - Y7B

A big thank you to the Student Electoral Court, to the two parties involved in the process and to the entire student community for having demonstrated a great spirit of participation.  The Transfer of Powers to the new Student Council will be on Thursday 7th of March from 10:30 am to 11:00 am.

MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP:  We would like to invite all students (from Year 5 to Year 12) to enrol in the Musical Theatre intensive workshop, which will be offered by "La Colmena" theatre company, here at the British School starting on Monday, March 18.  This is a 13 hour workshop, where students will learn from specialized teachers about body management on stage, voice projection, choral singing, transitions, acting, and putting together a final performance for family and friends.  All English teachers have permission slips and the cost is $185, which can be paid at the Caja. For more information, feel free to contact Ana Rojas (, in the English Department.

COMMUNICATION: Please remember, as we have indicated previously on many occasions, for many aspects such as changes in departure of students, sick-notes, excuses, enquiries about clubs, etc., parents MUST use the email address  If such emails are sent to the general school address (racsa or gmail) then we cannot guarantee that they will be read on the same day and we cannot be held responsible for not acting on the request made!


PRIMARY HOUSE COLOURS DAY: All Early Years and Primary students should come to school on Monday 4th of March with a t-shirt of their House colour.  During the day, house photos will be taken for the yearbook.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Parents are reminded that Early Years and Primary students are not permitted to bring electronic devices to school, as stated in the Parents' Handbook.  If your child needs their mobile phone for use after school (e.g. they are going to a dance class, or a friend’s house) then it should be accompanied by a note explaining why it needs to come to school.  The phone needs to be left in the primary office (turned off) where it will be secured, and can be collected at the end of the day.


IB VISUAL ARTS VISIT: On Thursday 21st of February, Year 11 and 12 IB Visual Arts students enjoyed a tour of the extensive Jiménez Deredia sculpture exhibition around San José.  The first stop was to visit The Jade Museum that is showing an exhibition of small sculptures by Deredia.  In addition to this the students were able to experience first-hand the sculpting techniques such as chiselling marble and exploring clay employed by Deredia, in an interactive space in the museum.  Then the group developed sketches of the sculptures found in the Plaza de la Democracia before walking up through San José to view and sketch the beautiful sculptures on temporary display in Plaza de la Cultura.  It was an excellent day of first hand research and gave the students invaluable experience of sourcing first hand evidence of an important Costa Rican artist.

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