School Bulletin #8 – 15th March 2019


  • Tuesday 19th March: Early Years 1 Parents Visit / 8:15 am – 9:45 am
  • Wednesday 20th March: Early Years 2 Parents Visit / 8:15 am – 9:45 am
    Year 10 French Trip / Café St Honoré
  • Wednesday 20th March: IB Graduate Reception / IB Graduates 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Thursday 21st March: Kangaroo Maths Competition / Year 4 – Year 5
    Year 6 Q1 IMYC Exit Point
  • Thursday 21st March: Year 9 Student Workshop / Attitudes around sexuality and adolescence
  • Friday 22nd March: Early Years 3 Parents Visit / 8:15 am – 9:45 am
    Year 7 Q1 IMYC Exit Point


INTERNATIONAL FAIR: Thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday for our annual International Fair.  It was a wonderful and varied event that really saw the community “coming together.”  An extra thank you to all of those parents that got involved by cooking delicious food from around the globe, by helping to decorate stands, and by assisting on the stands during the day.  A reminder that all monies raised go to support our students’ service learning projects throughout the year.


2020 ADMISSIONS: After the Easter holidays, we will be beginning the admissions evaluations for students wishing to enter Early Years 1 and Early Years 2 in 2020. To enter Early Years 1, a child must be at least 3 years old by 15th of February, 2020.  To enter Early Years 2, a child must be at least 4 years old by 15th of February, 2020.  If you have a child, or if you know family or friends with children, ready to start next year please fill out an application form available on the School’s website: Evaluations are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.


RECEPTION FOR IB 2018 GRADUATES: On Wednesday 20th of March, IB students from the class of 2018 may collect their IB Diploma certificates.  We will be serving refreshments in the Staffroom from 10:30 am to 11:30 am for those students and any available teachers in order to recognise and celebrate the students’ achievements.

TRIP TO MEXICO 2020: After organizing several successful overseas visits for our Year 10, 11 and 12 students, we are now planning a visit to Mexico City for students in Years 8 and 9 next year.  This will be an opportunity to experience the unique culture of Mexico and also to bring to life some of the work students are doing in their Estudios Sociales and Spanish lessons.

The visit will take place during the week before Semana Santa, during the school holidays.  The group will leave Costa Rica on Saturday 28th of March and return on Saturday 4th of April and the all-inclusive price for the visit is $1650.
Estudios Sociales teachers will be giving out a letter to students with more information during lessons next week. If you are interested in reserving a place for your son or daughter on this trip, please read the letter and return the permission slip at the bottom of the letter to the Caja together with a deposit of $400 to secure your place.  For more information please contact José Rojas ( or Alan Borrington (

REGISTRATION FOR NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES ENTRANCE EXAMS (UCR, UNA, TEC): The Year 11 NB and Year 12 students started the initial inscription -via the web- to the national universities’ entrance exams (University of Costa Rica, National University, Technological Institute of Costa Rica).  To complete the process, students must pay for the exams, if they have not done so yet, at the Banco Nacional (BN Internet Banking or BN Services points) or at the Banco de Costa Rica agencies.  The deadline to pay for the exams and complete the registration process is Friday 22nd of March, so please take this into account if you are parents of students in these levels. The cost of each exam is 6600 colones.

VISIT BY REPRESENTATIVE OF NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES: On Wednesday 13th of March, Year 11NB and Year 12 students received the visit -in the Auditorium- from a representative of UCR, UNA, TEC, UNED and UTN national universities.  This visit allowed the students to be better informed and clarify doubts about the registration and admission process to these prestigious universities and to know better the educational offer and the student services they offer.

NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES ENTRANCE PREPARATION COURSE (UCR, UNA and TEC): Like every year, the school offers the students who about to graduate, the opportunity (Y11 NB and Year 12) to take a course to prepare for the entrance exams to the national universities.  The course is optional and is facilitated by Mr. Guillermo Gamboa Guerrero who has extensive experience in this area.  It will be offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm in school.  The course will start on Tuesday 26th of March or Thursday 28th of March, depending on the day that is convenient for each student, and is a good opportunity for students to practice and refine their skills to have the best possible results in this highly competitive process.  A circular with more information was sent to the parents.

LITTLE VOICES WORKSHOP: On Monday 4th of March, the Year 10 students participated in a workshop with our special guest, Dr. Andrea Maldonado (representative of NSLC; National Student Leadership Conferences). The workshop allowed students to explore their personal style of leadership and better understand the influence of others in their own lives and how they influence others.

SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY VISIT: On Tuesday 12th of March, the Year 11 IB students received a visit from a representative of the Sheffield University located in England. The representative gave an excellent presentation about the study programs, costs, scholarships and student life of this prestigious university which is ranked among the best in the world.  He also informed the students about the higher education system in the United Kingdom, how to apply to the universities there and the quality and advantages of the British educational system.

STUDENT COUNCIL - TRANSFER OF POWERS: On Thursday 7th of March, we had the transfer of powers of the Student Council.  Many thanks to the outgoing Council and good luck to the incoming Council, which will be composed of:
President: Ariana Chacón, Y11B
Vice President: Álvaro Barquero, Y10B
Treasurer: María Paula Solís, Y12A
Secretary: Daniel Chen, Y9B
Spokesperson: Carmen Avilés, Y7B

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