#05 – 21st February 2020

School Bulletin



  • Monday 24th February: Student Council elections (Secondary only)
  • Tuesday 25th February: Student Council elections (Secondary only)
  • Wednesday 26th February: National Universities Visit (Y11NB + Y12IB), 1:10 pm to 3:00 pm – Auditorium
  • Wednesday 26th February: Start of Year 5 Camp
  • Thursday 27th February: ‘Building New Discipline Strategies’ Workshop, 8:15 am – Auditorium
  • Friday 28th February: End of Year 5 Camp
  • Saturday 29th February: International Fair


  • Saturday 9th May: BSCR Sports Festival Annual Race



INTERNATIONAL FAIR: We would like to invite all members of our community to our annual International Fair, which is being held on Saturday 29th of February between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.  The theme for this year’s Fair is ‘Global Awareness’.

EVACUATION DRILL: On Thursday 13th of February, the British School undertook its first emergency practice drill of the year with a full evacuation of the campus.  Our Health and Safety Committee organises these practices throughout the year so that in the event of a real emergency our community will know what to do.  We are delighted to report that the evacuation drill went very well with all members of the community reporting to their designated evacuation location in under 2½ minutes.

EGMO: We would like to thank all students and staff members who contributed to the various activities that took place during Friendship Day last Friday.  In addition to the students enjoying a wide range of activities and ₡ 282,345 was raised for the European Girls Maths Olympics team.

WORKSHOP FOR NEW PARENTS: We would like to invite all new Early Years and Primary parents to the “Building New Discipline Strategies” workshop, which will be facilitated by Gabriela Gutiérrez and Andreína Azofeifa, from the Student Development Services (SDS).  The workshop will be on Thursday 27th of February at 8:15 am in the Auditorium.  The objective of this workshop is to coordinate the efforts of the school and parents to develop life skills such as respect, responsibility and cooperation in children, which will allow them to solve conflicts and responsibly take on the challenges presented to them.  The workshop will be presented in Spanish.  For English options, please contact the SDS Department by telephone or email (salvarado@bscr.ed.cr).

NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES VISIT: Each year, the National Universities (UCR, UNA, TEC, UNED, UTN) visit each Secondary school in the country to inform students in their last year of high school about the admission process to universities, the study programmes and services they offer.  This year they have scheduled their visit for Wednesday 26th of February from 1:10 pm to 3:00 pm.  Any interested parent of a Year 11NB or Year 12IB student is invited to attend the session.

YEAR 11NB & YEAR 12: REGISTRATION FOR ADMISSION EXAMS TO NATIONAL PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES: Year 11 National Baccalaureate and Year 12 students have registered online for admissions exams to the national state universities (Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica). The next step to complete this registration process is to pay a fee to take the exams via BN Internet Banking Personal, bancobcr.com or at a BN Services agency.  This part of the process shall be carried out by each student ideally with the help of his or her parents. The fee is ₡ 6,600 for each university and the deadline to pay is March 20th. The payment for each exam should be registered under the name and identification number of the person who is registering for the exam so the receipts bear the name of the student. For more information about the registration process to national public universities either attend the above mentioned session or go to the website www.admision.ac.cr . If you have questions please contact Ana Lourdes Baumgartner, University Counsellor.

SRT UNIVERSITY FAIR: We are very pleased to announce that on Tuesday, March 3rd from 12:30 to 2pm, in the school gymnasium, Year 10, 11 and 12 students will have the opportunity to attend the SRT University Fair.  Representatives from 25 universities from Europe, North and South America will visit us. Parents are welcome to attend. You can access more information about this event in the following link: SRT University Fair poster

SUMMER PROGRAMMES 2020 FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: On Monday, March 2nd during lunch break, interested students from Year 9 to Year 12 will have the opportunity to receive information from a representative of NSLC (National Student Leadership Conference), an organization which offers pre-college enrichment summer programmes for students from 9th to 12th grade.  These programmes are designed to give students an insider´s perspective on future careers and experience life on campus at US premier universities while also developing leadership and team building skills.  They also offer scholarships to which students need to apply before March 12. If you are interested in having your 9th to 12th grade student participate in NSLC or other  summer programmes, and you would like more information,  please contact Ana Lourdes Baumgartner (abaumgartner@bscr.ed.cr)..

STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS: This year we have two Student Council Parties who are standing for election for the 2020/21 Student Council – KAI and AMP:

President: Alberto Castro (Year 11)
Vice-President: Pedro Cortez (Year 10)
Secretary: Valentina Sosto (Year 10)
Treasurer: Melania Guerra (Year 12)
Vocal: Daniel Araya (Year 8)

President: Daniela López (Year 11)
Vice-President: Allan Fan (Year 10)
Secretary: Isabella Arciniegas (Year 9)
Treasurer: Jose Andrés Centen (Year 12)
Vocal: Mauricio Soto (Year 9)

Following this week’s propaganda activities and Party Debate, held during Thursday lunchtime, all Secondary students will now have the opportunity to vote for their chosen party on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th of February.

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