Luis Solano Pochet

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Graduation Year: 2006 University: Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica.

What did you study? 
Advertising Design.

Where are you now? 
Capturing the world with my camera.

How do you feel BSCR prepared you for your career? And as a person? 
It opened my mind to see the world outside our bubble, to experience other cultures, languages and people from all backgrounds. It gave me a sense of awareness of the wonderful and different things that are all around us. Without knowing it, this would turn out to be fundamental for my career and my company. I feel this is part of the preparation the school gave me as a person and it translates into my career now as professional landscape and nature photographer exploring the world. 

We like to think BSCR alumni break barriers, how do you think this applies to you? 
I’m a dreamer. But below that dreamer lived a shy and sedentary boy that wasn’t that interested in the outdoors or adventure. I loved the visual arts and photography became very natural to me. I started learning when I was in high school during my years in Senior. It was until later though, after college, that I would truly find my ultimate passion: Landscape Photography. I decided to turn my life around and dedicate myself to learn and grow in this field. As a challenge to myself I opened a photography blog: It is a celebration of the feeling of being miles away from our everyday routine and that sense of wonder nature awakes inside us. This is my baby.  

My baby grew into the company I now have, it made me break personal and professional barriers, face my fears constantly, always looking for the most dramatic corners of the world with my camera in hand. Everybody told me Photography in Costa Rica was not a business. It couldn’t be done. But when people tell you that, trust your inner voice not theirs. They will always tell you to go against the unknown. I like the crooked, winding roads, the ones that are hard and demand so much from you but gives you so much in return. 

To The Wonder is now the biggest Photo Tour operator in Central America, leading nature photography workshops worldwide in locations like Namibia, Madagascar, Botswana, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Canada, USA, Guatemala, Brazil, and our home, Costa Rica. Follow your passion, work extremely hard and then work even harder, take risks, learn to make the most of opportunities given. Most big dreams seem impossible but there’s always a barrier to be broken. And you can certainly be the one to break it. 

What’s your greatest memory from your time at BSCR? 
Enjoying our afternoons in the Art Studio. For me painting was my most peaceful, enjoyable time in school. Now as I’m preparing for my first Photo Exhibition, I remember my Senior 7 Art Exhibit and the excitement of the preparation and opening night. Definitely Art was my thing. 

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