School Bulletin 07 – 12th March 2021

School Bulletin


Learning Schedule for the week of the 15th to the 19th of March:

   Date       In-person Learning       Virtual Learning   
Monday 15th March EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y8, Y9 and Y11 Y3, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y10 and Y12
Tuesday 16th March EY, Y1, Y3, Y5, Y6, Y10 and Y12 Y2, Y4, Y7, Y8, Y9 and Y11
Wednesday 17th March EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y7, Y9 and Y11 Y3, Y5, Y6, Y8, Y10 and Y12
Thursday 18th March EY, Y1, Y3, Y5, Y8, Y10 and Y12 Y2, Y4, Y6, Y7, Y9 and Y11
Friday 19th March EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y6, Y9 and Y11 Y3, Y5, Y7, Y8, Y10 and Y12


WEEK IN REVIEW: Week seven of our first quarter saw us host our first Parent Council meetings of the 2021 academic year. These meetings, one each for Early Years, Primary and Secondary, provide an opportunity for the School’s Leadership Team to meet with the Parent Representatives of each year level to discuss any topics or issues of concern that the parent body may have. Each meeting was very productive and provided the School with valuable feedback on a range of issues. We would like to thank each of our Parent Representatives for their role in effectively serving as a point of a communication for the wider parent body.

QUARTER 2 LEARNING SCHEDULE: Please click on the following link to access our learning schedule for the second quarter:

Which students are on campus when – Quarter 2?

For Early Years and Primary, the schedule follows the same format as previously with Early Years and Year 1 students coming to school every day and Year 2 to Year 5 students coming on alternate days. For Secondary, the basic format is the same as the first quarter but the existence of several exams from week 4 onward means that the schedule for the last five weeks varies a little from the format that we have been using thus far. For Secondary it is also important to note that classes (both virtual and in-person) on the 21st of April will only run until 12:20 pm due to the virtual parent meetings that will take place in the afternoon.

Following feedback that we received from several community members, we did explore the possibility of moving to a dual learning model whereby students in Year 2 to Year 12 move from a system of daily rotations to weekly rotations. While this system would undoubtedly bring some benefits (e.g. potentially less confusing/disruptive for community members) it was felt that on balance there were more benefits of staying with our current format of daily rotations (e.g. potentially higher levels of student engagement and learning continuity).

PRIMARY STUDENT COUNCIL: The Primary Student Council gives all students an opportunity to have a voice in helping our school improve. The council meets once every month to discuss ideas and concerns raised by the Primary students. The elected representatives for 2021 are:
5A and 1A: Ariana Martínez
5B and 1B: Max Beirute
5C and 1C: Nina Bröhl
4A and 2A: Arturo Chavarría
4B and 2B: Sofía Cordero
4C and 2C: Abril Nava
3A: Ilana de Castro Wheeler
3B: Tomás Estrada
3C: Elena Casafont
The representatives will meet with each class once per month to receive ideas and to inform the class about the Council meeting.

PRIMARY HOUSE CAPTAINS: The election for Primary school house captains has been completed and the following students have been selected to represent and lead their Houses:

Arenal: Juliana Arguedas and Alejandra Rojas
Irazú: Constanza Donato
Barva: Andrés van Grieken and Tamara Núñez
Poás: Mariana Volio and Elena Bonilla

ELECTORAL STUDENT COUNCIL 2021: Congratulations to the following Secondary students on being selected for the 2021 Electoral Student Council:
María Gascó (Year 7)
Gabriel Mejía (Year 9)
Jimena Salto (Year 10)
Jimena Garrett (Year 11)
Sergio Porras (Year 12)

YEAR 11 NB AND YEAR 12: REGISTRATION FOR ADMISSION EXAMS NATIONAL PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES (UCR, UNA, TEC): Year 11 National Baccalaureate and Year 12 students have registered online for admissions exams to the national state universities (Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica). The next step to complete this registration process is to pay a fee to take the exams via BN Internet Banking Personal, or at a BN Servicios agency. This part of the process must be carried out by each student with the help of his or her parents. The fee is 6,600 colones for each university and the deadline to pay is April 16th. The payment for each exam should be registered under the name and identification number (cédula de identidad, passport or cédula de residencia) of the person who is registering for the exam so that the receipts bear the name of the student. For more information about the registration process to national public universities go to the website or you can also consult the following booklet Folleto Proceso de Inscripción a las Universidades Estatales. Students from these year levels will attend a virtual information session offered by the public universities on their admission process on Friday, March 12th. If you have questions please contact Ana Lourdes Baumgartner, University Counsellor.

HEALTH AND SAFETY UPDATE: We would like to thank all of our community members for assisting us in the first trial of our revised departure procedures which was carried out for Early Years and Primary Students on Monday of this week. Whilst the trial was a success, we also identified some areas of improvement that we have implemented for future departures. Further trials will take place on Wednesday and Thursday of next week and more information will be shared ahead of the trial run.

In line with our Sun Safety and Heat Management Policy and in order to reduce the risk of ultraviolet radiation we would like to remind our community members to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears whenever they are outside. Parents and caregivers of EY and Primary students should ensure that their children are provided with a suitable hat for use on campus.


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