School Bulletin 09 – 26th March 2021

School Bulletin


Learning Schedule for the week of the 12th to the 16th of April

   Date       In-person Learning       Virtual Learning   
Monday 12th April No Classes Mid-Semester Break
Tuesday 13th April EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y6, Y7A, Y9 and Y11 Y3, Y5, Y7B, Y7C, Y8, Y10 and Y12
Wednesday 14th April EY, Y1, Y3, Y5, Y6A, Y7, Y10 and Y12 Y2, Y4, Y6B, Y6C, Y8, Y9 and Y11
Thursday 15th April EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y6B, Y8, Y9 and Y11 Y3, Y5, Y6A, Y6C, Y7, Y10 and Y12
Friday 16th April EY, Y1, Y3, Y5, Y6, Y7B, Y10 and Y12 Y2, Y4, Y7A, Y7C, Y8, Y9 and Y11


QUARTER IN REVIEW: As we approach the end of the first quarter of the 2021 academic year, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all members of our community for making our first nine weeks so successful.   The Covid-19 pandemic has required us to find new and effective ways of working, both virtually and in-person, and we have been extremely proud of the way in which our community has worked together in the face of adversity to ensure that our students continue to receive the best learning experiences possible.  We would like to thank students and parents from all levels for their flexibility, adaptability and willingness to comply with our health and safety requirements.  Finally, we would like to thank the entire academic and administrative staff of the British School for their professionalism, dedication and hard work – without their ongoing commitment and dedication we would not be able to maintain the high standards of learning that characterizes our School.

WHICH STUDENTS ARE ON CAMPUS WHEN?:Please find attached an updated version of the document ‘Which students are on campus when?’. Due to a change that we are making with our infrastructure we have made some minor changes to the version of this document that was shared previously. The changes only affect Year 6 and Year 7. For all other year levels, the schedule for which students are on campus when, remains as previously published. Click on the link …

DIFFERENT YET THE SAME DAY: On Monday the 22nd of March the British School of Costa Rica celebrated ‘Different yet the Same Day’ in order to support the national campaign aimed at raising awareness about Downs Syndrome. During this day, students either watched an informative video or received a talk from their form teacher about Downs Syndrome. They were also invited to attend school wearing different socks.

THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY:We are delighted to announce that The British School’s application for membership to The National Honor Society has been approved. Founded in 1921, The National Honor Society, or NHS for short, is an organization based and founded in the United States but with chapters in numerous international schools around the world. Its aim is to recognise high achieving students while promoting four core values: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. One of the ways in which it does this is by encouraging members to work together on a common, student-led project that contributes towards a community or an ideal greater than themselves. We will provide more details about entry requirements for our National Honor Society chapter in the second quarter.



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