School Bulletin 10 – 1st of April 2022

School Bulletin

Whole School

Mid-Semester Holiday
The mid-semester break begins next Monday, the 4thof April.  We wish all members of our community a safe and restful break and we look forward to seeing everybody back on campus when classes resume on Monday the 18th of April.

Gate Passes
After the Easter holidays we will issue NEW Gate Passes for students under the following conditions that respect existing national laws and regulations.  These Passes will be available for use under the following conditions: They will be available exclusively to students of 12 years or older to leave exclusively through the EAST gate of the school.

We will endeavour to include younger students (Year 4 and 5) who leave at 3.00 p.m. in a “Family” Gate Pass so that they can leave accompanied by their older sibling. These young students will not be issued their own Gate Pass and will not be allowed to leave the facilities alone, only when accompanied by their older sibling.

We shall make all of the necessary INTERNAL arrangements early next week and process applications for the new passes as soon as possible.  We hope that parents will understand that we have been obliged to change this procedure as soon as possible and that they will cooperate with the school in this matter.

Support for Ukraine
This week, 41 staff members enjoyed a week of excellent homemade lunches, prepared by teachers here at school, and in exchange donated the money that they would normally spend on lunch to the World Food Programme’s Ukraine Appeal.  Thank you to our Music Teacher, Mr. Borrington, for organizing this week’s event as well as both the chefs and servers who ensured that this activity was such a success.  We would also like to thank Yorgo’s Peruvian Restaurant and Osteria Faina Restaurant for their support of this initiative.

For the final day of the quarter, all members of our Community are invited to attend classes dressed in yellow and/or blue clothing in exchange for a suggestion donation of c500.  All proceeds raise on this day will also be donated to the World Food Programme’s Ukraine Appeal.

Health and Safety Bulletin – Quarter 1
Please click on the following link to access our Health and Safety Bulletin for the first quarter – H & S Bulletin.  This bulletin details what we have done in the area of health and safety throughout the first quarter and what we will be focusing on in the coming months.


Early Years and Primary

Primary House Trophy
The Primary House Trophy is being awarded on Friday 31st of October and at this stage it is too close to call with all Houses having amassed over 1,200 points each.  Points are given for students exhibiting school values therefore it is great to see so many points being awarded to students.

Primary Artwork
For this school year we will be sharing our wonderful student artwork with you via a google website. Please follow the link to access the site:

The Observer – Primary Magazine
Some of our Primary students have been busy working as journalists to prepare a monthly magazine for students. You may wish to look at the first edition via this link:

Upcoming Date
On Friday 29th of April, all students in Early Years and Primary will be asked to come to school dressed as a book character.  Now is the time to start preparing wonderful and creative costumes.

Golf Performance
We would like to congratulate Alyssa Metcalfe Frenkel, in Year 5, on her excellent golf season! She recently won First Place in her age category: 11-12 Female.



Parent Teachers Meetings
Secondary Parent-Teacher meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday after the mid-semester break – the 20th of April.  Secondary students will be dismissed from school at 12:00 pm on this day and the meetings will take place virtually between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.   Parents are asked to sign up for meetings with their children’s teachers by using the following link.  Once you open the site, please click on the department name on the left side of the page, identify your child’s teacher and sign up for an available time – Parent Teacher Meeting Times  

Year 12 Art Trip
On Tuesday 29th of March 2022, Year 12 IB Visual Arts students had the opportunity to visit the Museo Calderón Guardia to view the current exhibition there on Costa Rican women artists.  They then went on to the printmaking exhibition of the work by Manuel Cano de Castro. The students were able to analyse the curatorial practice and structure of each exhibition, ahead of planning and curating their own mock IB Visual Arts exhibition next bimester, in May 2022.

Global Awareness – Art Initiative
As part of a global awareness Art initiative, this year, The Art Department has forged links with St Paul’s Academy, Greenwich, London. At the start of the next quarter, the Year 8 Art students will be invited to be involved with the International Portrait Swap, where Year 8 Art students from St Paul’s Academy, will participate in an artwork exchange with our Year 8 art students.

On Thursday 31st of March, a virtual meeting took place for all Year 8 Visual Art students in both schools. This video link enabled them to introduce themselves, swap art ideas and artists studied this year in the different Art classes and provided them with the opportunity to ask questions about the different countries in which they live.

It is an exciting project for all students involved, which will give the Visual Arts students an opportunity to generate curiosity and enrich individual students’ awareness of the wider world and create an ability to understand, respect and work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Art – Marine Conservation
During the 1st quarter, the Year 8 Visual Arts students have been developing wonderful compositions on the theme of Marine Conservation. In period 2 on Tuesday 29th of March 2022, the Year 8 Visual Arts group were fortunate to have a guest speaker María Gómez, Hydro Geologist and Sustainability Consultant who came to speak to the group.  María shared her knowledge and experiences of coral reef conservation and the work of NGO’s who are planting coral to restore and conserve the reefs in the south of Costa Rica. She spoke of this work linked with the Earthshot Prize Winners Coral Vita in the Bahamas who are raising coral to give new life to endangered ecosystems and plan to develop and extend their project throughout other reef areas in Latin America. 



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