School Bulletin 14 – 13th of May 2022

School Bulletin

Whole School
Communication – Covid-19
We would like to remind all members of our Community that it is essential that you inform our School Infirmary immediately of any suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 within your social bubble ( We have comprehensive procedures in place to follow up on cases but we can only do so if we are notified in a timely manner.
Important Upcoming Dates:
Friday 13th May:                     No classes for students in all year levels – Staff Training Day
Monday 23rd May:                  Start of Sports Week
Monday 6th June:                    Start of Semester Exam Week (Secondary students only)

New Campus – developments   
We offer parents an update on our development of the new School Campus in Coyol via this link:
Email efficiency:
To enable the School administration to work efficiently, we ask parents to send their email queries and questions to the “correct” entities as indicated in the document which you can open with this link:
Early Years and Primary
Learning Visits
This week Year 1 students have enjoyed a trip to “Treep” in Ciudad Colón to study the Water Cycle in action while Early Years 3 students visited ” The Butterfly Kingdom” as part of their unit on Mini Beasts.  Both visits were very successful as students had the opportunity to put their learning into practice.
Kindness and Good Manners Campaign
For this quarter the theme for Primary assemblies has been “Great students in a Great School Community”. To help turn ideas into action, Early Years and Primary are having a 2-week campaign to offer opportunities to students to reflect on and potentially improve their levels of kindness, compassion and manners. Many students have already taken up the opportunity to accept some of the kindness challenges.
Shakespeare Festival
We would like to congratulate our Year 8 generation on their outstanding Shakespeare Plays last Friday.  Students overcame the challenges of social distancing and mandatory mask use to deliver three wonderful Shakespeare plays: Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We send our thanks to each of our performers as well as their teachers for all of their hard work in preparing for our Shakespeare Festival.
Presentation on “Anti-Semitism, Then and Now”
Two of our graduating students, Nicole Lipschitz (Year 12) and Tami Rosenstock (Year 11), took the initiative to help organise a presentation on Respect and Antisemitism on Tuesday in the auditorium.  The guest speakers, Nicole Serfaty and Mijael Aviram, shared a brief history and analysis of anti-Semitism and responded to questions from students.  Nicole and Tami also shared their reflections on the issue.  We hope to continue to deepen student understanding on this and other issues related to the school’s core values through more student-led initiatives throughout the year.  Thank you to Nicole, Tami, Nicole and Mijael for facilitating this thought-provoking presentation.
Papifut and Mamifut Tournaments 
After two years of working under pandemic conditions, the traditional Papi/Mamifut tournament, organized by the Student Government, is back with the help of the PE department.  The upper Secondary level tournament will be followed by the lower Secondary tournament.
In the case of Papifut, there are 8 teams of boys from Years 10, 11NB, 11IB and 12.  In the case of Mamifut, there are 4 girls’ teams from Years10, 11 (NB and IB together) and 12.  The winning teams will play a match against a male and female representation of our teaching staff. 

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