School Bulletin 15 – 19th of May 2023

School Bulletin

Upcoming Dates

 Tuesday 23rd May:  Year 6 Camp – La Montaña
 Thursday 25th May:  Year 4 Visit to Museo de Oro
 Friday 26th May:  Year 8 English Plays
 Friday 2nd June:  Start of Semester Exams / Mocks (All Secondary except Year 10)
 Monday 5th June:  Start of Semester Exams / Mocks (Year 10 only)

Whole School

Sports Festival
We would like to congratulate all members of our Learning Community who participated in last week’s Sports Festival.  Numerous students participated in various sports matches throughout the week against several local Schools.  The week ended on Saturday with our annual Gran Classica race and a number of exhibition sports matches.  Please click on the following links to see the results of the various activities:
Badminton / Football / Volleyball / Basketball
Race Results – Early Years 1 to Year 1
Race Results – Year 2 to Year 5
Race Results – Secondary / Adults

Vehicle TAGS / Child Protection
To improve the implementation of our vehicle management system, Google Forms were sent to Early Years & Primary parents/caregivers and will now be sent to Secondary parents/caregivers. Completion of the Google Form is mandatory for all parents, as it allows our staff to verify that vehicles accessing campus are registered to the collection of our students. In future, any vehicle identified entering campus to collect a student, which does not have a valid and up-to-date TAG, will be asked to park in a designated parking bay and requested to provide proof of authorisation to collect a student.


This week our Primary student council did a wonderful job presenting their assembly on Responsibility – focusing on the need to recycle. All students were very interested in this topic as the School continues to promote the importance of environmental awareness.

Conflict Resolution
Next week we continue our Primary Assembly programme with a presentation on Conflict Resolution skills; these are very important skills that we will continue to reinforce throughout the year. These skills can also be used at home; please do look at this link to see some of the ideas we will be using.


International Math Olympiad – 2023
We would like to congratulate Carlos Shum (Year 11) on qualifying for the 64th International Math Olympiad, which will be held in Chiba, Japan in July.

Year 8 Plays
On Friday 26th of May, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, the Year 8 students will present their plays, inspired by the TV series The Twilight Zone.  The plays will not be live streamed, but parents and relatives are welcome to join us. The plays will also be recorded for future viewing.

Penal Law Presentations
During Monday and Tuesday of this week, Year 6 and Year 7 students had the opportunity to participate in a talk on “Ley Penal Juvenil” given by the Judge of the Tribunal de Apelación de Sentencia Penal Juvenil, Mrs. Marianella Corrales Pampillo. The students were able to clear up all their doubts about how criminal proceedings are carried out for minors, what is a crime and what is not, cybercrimes, how to report and, above all, how to prevent crimes. The students showed great interest and asked a variety of questions about the topic. We thank Doña Marianella for her willingness to help us with this important issue and for providing us with her valuable time.

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