School Bulletin 15 – 20th of May 2022

School Bulletin

Whole School
Sports Week
To promote participation in sports and healthy living among our community, the BSCR will hold its annual school-wide “Sports Week” during the next week, May 23-27.  This week is organized jointly by the PE Department and our Student Council.  Please see the sections below for dress rules.
Students in all year levels will participate in a wide variety of competitive and fun activities during their breaks and regular PE classes throughout this week.  In addition, swimming Olympic Champion, Ms. Claudia Poll, and Former National Football Team Member, Ms. Alexandra Mora, will share their experience with our students.  Finally, on Friday 27th of May, Secondary students and staff members will be participating in an activity called “A Kilometre for Ukraine”.  This activity is a 1 km walkathon (3 laps) of the BSCR campus, with participants being asked to make a suggested donation of ₡500 that will go to the Ukraine Appeal of the United Nations’ World Food Programme.
Parent Council Meetings
Thank you to each of our Parent Representatives who participated in this week’s Parent Council meetings.  These meetings serve as an important communication channel between the Parent Body and the School’s Administration.
Early Years and Primary
Sports Week Dress Code – Early Years and Primary
For this week there will be opportunities for all Early Years and Primary students to come to school wearing different clothing:
Monday:             Arenal Students can wear House colours (red). All other students wear normal uniform.
Tuesday:             Irazú Students can wear House colours (yellow)
Wednesday:        Barva Students can wear House colours (green) 
Thursday:           Poás Students can wear House colours (blue)
Friday:                All students can come to school wearing the sports clothing of their favourite sport.
Learning Visits
Our Year groups continue to plan for Field Trips throughout the year. All students will have the opportunity to take part in field trips when they connect with the relevant themes in their curriculum. Year 5 will be going to the Jade Museum on 2nd of June as they continue their study of indigenous rocks and minerals in Costa Rica.
Semester Exam Week for Secondary School
Our First Semester exam week will be held in the week of Monday 6th to 10th of June.  Students will have regular lessons on those days in which their year level does not have exams.  Students have been provided with their exam schedules for that week and are encouraged to see their Form Teachers or subject teachers with any questions that they may have.
Sports Week Dress Code – Secondary
For Sports Week next week, Secondary students are permitted to wear sport / athletic clothing for the entire week.  However, students must wear their PE uniform when they have PE class.  On the other days, students are allowed to wear the following: 

  • Track nylon pants, sweat pants, leggings, long shorts to the knee
  • T-shirts (with sleeves)
  • Football shirts are allowed
  • No short tops, no short shorts 

Please note that clothing must be appropriate for school, meaning they cannot have brands / comments that are inappropriate for school (e.g. cigarette or alcohol brands, derogatory language etc.). 

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