School Bulletin 15 – 21st May 2021

School Bulletin


WEEK IN REVIEW: Unfortunately, week 15, brought the news that for reasons of health and safety all students from Year 2 to Year 12 will revert to virtual learning for the remainder of the semester.  We are extremely disappointed that we will not be able to offer in-person learning opportunities for students in these year levels in the remaining four weeks of the semester, but ultimately the health and safety of our students and staff members, not to mention the wider community, must be our priority. 
Fortunately, we have permission to offer the services of a Day Care Centre (CIA) in the Early Years and Year 1 levels.

In happier news, this month saw the British School celebrate its 40th anniversary.  Below the bulletin is a message from our founders and Director Generals, Mr and Mrs Lloyd

DONATAPA:We would like to congratulate our community on their donation to the Donatapa project of 10.5 kilos of plastic tops. The Donatapa campaign is a part of the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network, which aims to ensure that all of Costa Rica’s beaches are accessible to all, regardless of their physical capabilities.

AWARENESS OF PEDESTRIANS ON CAMPUS: We would like to remind all car drivers of the importance of being aware of pedestrians while entering and leaving campus. Specifically, we would like to request that all members of our community respect the designated speed limits and do not use their mobile phones while driving on campus.

ABSENCES: We would like to remind parents that if your child is absent from classes (either virtual or in-person) then please send an email to reception using the email address:

SECONDARY END OF SEMESTER EXAMS: In light of the decision to move to virtual learning in all Secondary levels for the remainder of the first semester, we would like to clarify that this means that all scheduled end of semester assessments will now be undertaken virtually. The assessment schedule remains the same as previously published.

STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY: On Friday the 14th of May, all academic staff participated in a number of professional development activities. 65 different staff learning activities were undertaken throughout the day on a diverse range of topics including: starting the process to become certified as a Google Educator, identifying strategies to support the social and emotional needs of our students during the pandemic, exploring ways in which we can collaborate as a learning community in a more effective way and reflecting on what we can do to further instil our values in our students. We would like to thank all staff members for their active participation in this day with a particular thanks to the more than 50 members who acted as facilitators of each of the sessions.



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