School Bulletin 16 – 27th of May 2022

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2023 Calendar
Please click on the following link to access our confirmed calendar for the 2023 academic year – Click here  2023 Calendar – English   

Staying home when sick or unwell
We would like to remind all community members that if you or your children are sick or feel unwell, then you/they should not attend School until you/they are fully recovered. This is a mandatory requirement of the Ministry of Health for anyone showing symptoms consistent with Covid-19. Recent internal Covid-19 investigations have identified several positive cases having attended campus despite showing Covid-19 related symptoms, which has led to other members of our Community being required to quarantine as a consequence. Attending campus with Covid-19 symptoms also significantly increases the risk of on campus transmission, despite our best efforts to prevent it.

Early Years and Primary

Sports Week
Throughout this week, we have given extra emphasis to “Sports”, specifically giving opportunities to the students to compete in many different sports while focusing on sportsmanship, honesty and teamwork. During the lunch breaks, many students were also involved in a range of “House” competitions – ranging from Capture the Flag and Dodge Ball to Tug of War.  We would like to thank two special guest speakers that visited campus this week, Claudia Poll and Alexandra Mora, for sharing their perspectives and sporting experiences with our students.


Sports Week
We would like to congratulate both sets of finalists in this week’s PapiFut and MamiFut tournaments.  After two closely contested tournaments the winners were:

Papifut: Greivin FC (Year 9): David Brenes, Daniel Rojas, Antonio Tristán, Gonzalo Villalta, Arturo Rojas, Nicolás Bruce and Diego Montero.

Mamifut: Cobichas (Year 12): Annike Sauter, Cristiana Rodríguez, Estela Guerra Giuliana Salvo, María Jesús Gutiérrez, Sofía Morales, Valentina Sosto, María Paula Solís.

We would like to thank the Student Council and the PE Department for their organisation and management of these tournaments.

“Acción Joven” Foundation
At the initiative of the student government, Year 11 students had the valuable opportunity to listen to José Aguilar Berrocal, founder of Fundación Acción Joven. The most important topics discussed were the inequality of opportunities in our country, the importance of education and the importance of treating everyone with respect in order to seek a more inclusive and fair society.  José was accompanied by Rachirt Vargas, who after growing up in La Carpio, has persevered and recently has had the best average in data engineering at LEAD University.  It was a great opportunity for these students to gain a deeper understanding of the society around us and call them to action so that we can help provide others with the necessary tools to get ahead.

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