School Bulletin 17 – 3rd of June 2022

School Bulletin

Whole School

Upcoming Dates
Monday 6th June to Friday 10th June:                     Secondary Exam Week
Wednesday 8th June to Friday 10th June:               Olcoma Math Olympiad
Friday 17th June:                                                        Last day of Semester One
Monday 18th July:                                                      First day of Semester Two

Early Years and Primary

Early Years Evacuation Drill
On Wednesday of this week an evacuation drill was carried out for all Early Years staff and students. This drill saw our staff and students implement our updated evacuation procedures with the use of our red and green card system, sweepers and student registration working extremely well.  We would like to say a big thank you to our staff for their impeccable implementation of the procedures and also to our students who followed instructions perfectly and were very well behaved throughout.

Final Two Weeks
As we enter the final two weeks of this Semester, Irazú House has a small lead in our House competition.  We are already looking forward to seeing who will be crowned the House Champions for the first semester.  The last week of the Semester is filled with exit points (for Early Years 3 and Year 3) as well as a field trip for Year 4 and a Creativity Day for all students.  Please look out for communications from your child’s Form Teacher for more information about these activities.


Buses for Secondary During Exam Week
At the request of a number of parents, Tranosys will be offering a bus service at 12 noon, 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm everyday next week (this is an update to the email sent to Secondary parents on Tuesday 31st of May).  We would also like to clarify that Year 11 NB students will finish at 10:10 am on Wednesday the 8th of June rather than at 12 noon as was previously stated.

Secondary Clubs During Exam Week
There will be no Secondary after-school clubs during the week of the 6th to the 10th of June due to it being Exam Week.  There will be Secondary after-school clubs as usual during the last week of the Semester (13th to the 17th of June).

Staff v Papifut/Mamifut Champions
This week our newly crowned Mamifut and Papifut champions took on our staff teams in two exhibition matches.  Both games were highly competitive and enjoyable with our Staff Female Team defeating Cobichas by a score of 3-1 and our Staff Male Team defeating Greivin FC by a score of 3-3 (Penalties 2–0).  Congratulations to all participants.

Senior Basketball
On Thursday, our Senior Boys Basketball Team played their first competitive fixture since the beginning of the pandemic against Colegio Humboldt.  In a closely fought contest our boys’ team emerged victorious with a score of 48 to 37.

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