School Bulletin 26 – 2nd of September 2022

School Bulletin

Whole School 

Upcoming Dates
Wednesday 7th September:         University Fair – International Universities (Year 10 to Year 12 students)
Wednesday 7th September:         Year 4 Exit Points
Friday 9th September:                   Primary Talent Show
Saturday 10th September:            Connell Model United Nations
Saturday 10th September:            Colibrí Primary Maths Olympiad
Change of Buses
We would like to remind parents that all bus permission slips and requests for bus changes must be submitted to the Reception (  by 12:00 noon in order to be processed.  Please include the student’s full name and year level.
Eco Week
Throughout this week the whole school has been focusing on Eco activities and Friday is our special “Green Day”, with many more eco activities, supported by students all wearing green and raising money for our chosen eco charity – The Costas Verdes Foundation ( Please check our social media pages as well as Dojo (Primary students) and Tapestry (Early Years students) to see examples of some of the activities.
Children’s Day
On Friday the 9th of September, our community will be celebrating Children’s Day with a range of activities.  As part of the celebration, students may come to school on this day in non-uniform.  For Early Years and Primary students, it is a general non-uniform day whereas for Secondary students the theme is ‘Dress as Twins’.  Our Student Council is also organising a Toy Drive on this day.  Donated toys should be clean, in good condition and not require batteries.  Donations will be received at the entrance to School (by Reception) on Friday and will be donated to children from a range of indigenous communities in Costa Rica through CONAI (Comisión Nacional de Asuntos Indígenas)
Basketball Matches
Last Friday, our Year 4 to Year 6 Club Basketball Team and our Year 7 to Year 12 Basketball Representative Team took on their counterparts from Connell Academy in two exciting matches. Congratulations to all participants!
BSCR Club Team 27 v 16 Connell Academy
BSCR Representative Team 32 v 34 Connell Academy
Early Years and Primary

House Flashmob Activity
On Monday, the Primary School took part in a House Assembly with each House group performing their own mini “Flash Mob” dance. It was wonderful to see all of the students supporting each other in this team-working challenge. Here are some short clips of the dances: Arenal, Barva, Poás (sorry, link to Irazú did not work)
Learning Visits
On Tuesday 30th of August, Year 5 went on a tour of the National Theatre in San Jose. Students enjoyed walking around the foyer and Presidential Balcony. They also participated on the traditional “Teatro al Medio Día” with the artists Juan Cuentacuentos y Pampa Madrigal. We would like to give special thanks to Mrs. Karina Salguero (NT Director) who invited the students to get on the stage and have a great view from there.  It was an amazing experience for all of the students.
On Thursday Early Years 1 went to “Centro de Alto Rendimento LDA” to learn about the importance of sport and fitness. This was another wonderful opportunity for the students to see and experience a very different learning environment to school.
Class Dojo and Tapestry
Regarding our communication apps Dojo and Tapestry, we are continuing to evaluate these two platforms using parent feedback. The teachers do have a further request: if appropriate, could you “like” the posts or photos that you look at. This will give us an idea what information or photos are more helpful for you.
SDS – Video Games
The use of video games in today’s society is a way in which our children can be amused or kept busy for long periods. However, we want to remind families that the recommendation of the experts is that parents should set an appropriate length of time to use electronic devices.  Evidence shows that few or no time limits placed on a child can have repercussions in different areas of their life.  Also, it is essential that parents are fully aware of the content of the video games their children play, since many of them look childish but their content can be violent or age inappropriate.
As part of the school PHSE programme we will continue to make students aware of the dangers and harmful effects of extended electronic use. However, we would also greatly appreciate your support by discussing these issues at home with your children.  Please do contact the SDS team ( if you would like any more specific information regarding this topic.
After School Tutoring
We are pleased to offer the following subject tutorials, free of charge, between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, on the designated days throughout the second semester:
Monday              Year 12 IAs                                       Mr. Minks (Lunchtimes only)
Tuesday              Year 6                                               Mdm Vicente
Tuesday              Year 8 & 9                                        Mdm. Vet
Thursday            Year 7                                               Mdm. Vicente
Monday              Geography                                       Mr. Ashe
Tuesday              History                                             Ms. Loughery
Tuesday              Geography                                      Mr. Ashe and Mr. Zwick
Tuesday              Global Politics                                Mr. Jones
Thursday            Economics                                       Ms. Austin
Friday                  Economics                                       Mr. Paradis
Friday                  Geography                                      Mr. Zwick
Monday              Years 6, 7, 8, 9                                 Ms. Ashton
Tuesday              Year 12SL                                        Mr. John
Monday              General Science and Biology         Ms. Sahnow
Tuesday              Physics                                              Mr. Jones
Tuesday              Chemistry                                         Mr. Mallorie
Thursday            Chemistry                                         Mr. Green
Thursday            Biology                                              Mr. Morris
Tuesday              IB                                                        Ms. María Castillo (online only)
Thursday            IGCSE                                                 Ms. Xinia Araya (online only)
University Fair August 30th
Year 10, 11 and 12 students had the opportunity to attend a University Fair in the school’s gym on Tuesday where they could interact with admissions officers from many private national universities, representatives from universities in Spain, the United States, México, Switzerland and NGOs that offer different opportunities that our students can take advantage of in order to organize diverse activities or projects.

SRT Fair September 7th
Year 10, 11 and 12 students will attend the SRT International University Fair at our school during the morning of the 7th of September. This Fair brings together universities from Canada, the USA, Mexico and several countries in Europe. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn more about interesting opportunities to study abroad.
University of Costa Rica – Virtual Vocational Fair
This week Year 11NB and Year 12 students had the opportunity to explore the excellent University of Costa Rica website that this university has created for their 2022 Virtual Vocational Fair. The valuable information about all that University of Costa Rica has to offer and their additional admission requirements and deadlines for some of the study programmes will remain on the website for the following months. We invite parents and students to keep consulting this site.


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