School Bulletin 32 – 22nd October 2021

School Bulletin


Learning Schedule for the week of the 25th to the 29th of October:

Monday 25th to 29th of October1 Early Years, Primary, Year 7, Year 8, Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 (Exams) Year 6 and Year 9


WEEK IN REVIEW: Week 32 saw our Year 12 students complete their final five days of classes with us ahead of the start of their final IB examinations, which start on Monday of next week.  To celebrate their time with us, which for some Year 12s represents 14 years of their lives, students took part in a number of activities including a shared breakfast on Friday as well as attending school in a range of thematic outfits.  We would like to wish each of our Year 12s the very best of luck with each of their final exams over the coming weeks.

MATRICULATION (REGISTRATION) FOR 2022: We should like to remind you that the annual Registration Fee (Matrícula) for the School Year 2022 should be paid during the month of October, at the latest by Monday the 1st of November (before 2:30 p.m.).  After that date, we cannot guarantee a place for your child(ren) next year and a surcharge of $12.00 will be applied to late payments.

MENTOR EXCHANGE:On Wednesday of this week, our outgoing Year 12 mentors welcomed the incoming Year 11 mentors during an exchange ceremony.  During this activity, the Year 12 mentors shared their experiences from being a mentor this year, as well as any advice that they had, with the new mentors before each new mentor was formally presented with their mentor badge for the forthcoming year.

BASEBALL: We would like to congratulate Daniel Lee, from Year 4A, on being selected to represent Costa Rica at an upcoming international baseball tournament.

TOK EXHIBITION: On Wednesday of this week, our Year 11 IB students began the presentations of their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition.  For this new required component of the IB Diploma course, each student has to present a three-object exhibition in response to a chosen prompt (all of the prompts relate to different knowledge issues).  We would like to congratulate the Year 11 students for the wonderful job they did in skilfully and articulately presenting their various exhibitions.

CAMPUS ACCESS: Over the coming days we will be implementing the automated vehicle access control and registration of your child’s departure from campus.  We will also be using this period to evaluate the operation and make any necessary adjustments.  Parents who have requested automated access will be sent a vehicle tag that you will need to place in your vehicle following the instructions in the brochure.  The cost of the vehicle tag is $10, which will be automatically charged to your account once the tag is sent to you.  If you would like to request a vehicle tag, but have not yet filled out the form, you may request it from the security officer. Finally, if you have any further questions about this new system, please write to  

WRONG ADDRESS: Last week we sent out a letter requesting parents’ cooperation by not parking in the road to the West of the School (Avenida 33).  In that letter, we suggested that parents should re-consider using the School Bus Service and we gave their website address …. however, that apparently did not work.  So again, we ask parents to seriously consider using the School Bus Service to avoid the vehicular congestion at 2.00 and 3.00 p.m. and to contact them at

HEALTH AND SAFETY: On Monday the 25th of October, Tranosys will recommence using the Bus Depot in the mornings to drop students off at School.  As a result, for parents who are dropping off their children by car, please be aware that buses may be entering the Bus Depot from the internal access road and exiting via the roundabout in front of Reception.  Returning the buses to the Bus Depot in the morning should not only ease a little of the congestion but will also free up some parking spaces that are currently being occupied by the tents.

This week saw us complete our emergency practice evacuations so that all students from Early Years 1 to Year 10 have had the opportunity to practice this emergency procedure.  We are delighted to report a very high level of understanding and compliance with our procedures for evacuation and while there are a few small areas for improvement we were, overall, very impressed with each of the drills that were undertaken.



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