School Bulletin 33 – 28st of October 2022

School Bulletin

Upcoming Dates

Friday 28th October: Basketball matches v Connell Academy (From 3:00 pm)
Thursday 3rd November: Year 11 IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Presentations (10:30 am)
Friday 4th November: Early Years 2 Parents Activity (8:30 am)

Whole School

2023 Calendar
At the request of several parents … you can access the PROVISIONAL 2023 School Calendar by clicking on the following link – 2023 School Calendar.

Parent Council Meetings
Next week we will be having our final Parent Council meetings of the 2022 academic year.  Please let your Parent Council representative know if there are any topics of general interest to raise at these meetings.

Face Masks
As was mentioned in last week’s bulletin, for the time being it remains a health and safety requirement for students to come to School each day with a facemask.  Unfortunately, numerous students came to campus this week without a facemask, which puts the health and safety of our Community at unnecessary risk.  As a result, we respectfully remind all parents to please ensure that their child comes to School with a facemask each day.

Early Years and Primary

Year 5 Induction
This week, all of Year 5 have been spending a day as Year 6 students as part of our transition preparations for next year.   Students were able to experience a number of Year 6 lessons as they were introduced to both the infrastructure and learning approaches used in the Secondary School.

House Update
Over the past two weeks, our Student House Captains have been organising a House Football Tournament.  In the Year 3 to Year 5 competition Irazú won 3-1 in a very exciting final against Barva.  Irazú and Arenal will be competing on Friday in the Year 1 and Year 2 final. So far this quarter, Poás have maintained a small points lead over the other Houses.


Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition
On Thursday the 3rd of November, our Year 11 IB students will be delivering their Theory of Knowledge Exhibition in the Common Room between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.  We would like to invite any Year 11 IB parents, staff members and available students to join us for what will certainly be a fantastic exhibition of our students’ work.

Pan American Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (PAGMO)
We send our warmest congratulations to Camila Gutiérrez (Year 10) on being selected to represent Costa Rica at the Pan American Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (PAGMO) which is taking place virtually between the 25th and 27th of October.

Secondary Math Olympiad
We would like to congratulate Leonardo Jiménez on his qualification to the Olcoma Secondary Math Olympiad this week.  Leonardo joins Daniel Brampton, Cristel Haaverson, Steven Wu, Carlos Shum and Nicole Lipschitz in representing the British School at this event which will take place between the 14th and 16th of November.
National Games 2022-23 
We would like to congratulate María Jesús Gutiérrez (Year 12) on qualifying for the National Games 2022-23 in the sport of basketball.  María Jesús’ Belén team defeated San Ramón by a score of 62-44 in the last qualifying match.

Semester Exam Weeks
Year 6 to Year 9:        Friday 18th of November to Friday 25th November
Year 11 NB:                Tuesday 8th of November to Friday 11th November
Year 11 IB:                 Friday 11th November to Thursday 17th November

During their Semester Exam Week, students will finish at 12 midday each day.  Due to Costa Rica’s participation in the World Cup and its placement during Year 6 to Year 9 Semester Exam Week, Wednesday the 23rd of November will be a study day for all Secondary students.

Year 11 Classes – After Exams
Year 11 NB students will continue to receive normal classes during the week of the 14th to the 18thof November (the 18th of November is the last school day for Year 11 NB students).  Students will be permitted to leave at 12 noon during this week.

Year 11 IB students will have a special schedule from Friday the 18th of November until Friday the 25th of November in order to complete their IB Group 4 Project.  Year 11 IB students will finish at 2:00 pm on these days.  Friday the 25th of November is the last school day of the year for Year 11 IB students.

SAT December 3, 2022 – Of special interest for Year 11 and Year 12 students
The last SAT of this year will be on Saturday, December 3rd (International SAT Dates 2022-2023). The registration deadline to pay without extra fees is Thursday, November 3rd. The test costs $98 and should be paid online.  We recommend that students who register for the first time to take this test coordinate a meeting with Ana Lourdes Baumgartner, University Counsellor to complete the registration procedure.

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test, administered by The College Board, which many universities around the world, but especially in the United States, take into consideration as either a requirement or as an optional part of the university application process.   Should you have any question please contact Ana Lourdes at Here is more information about what´s on the test / SAT Practice and Preparation Information

Upcoming Virtual University Fairs
Two exciting university virtual university fairs are happening this weekend. Parents, students and members of the school community are invited to participate. 

  1. LATIN AMERICA WEBIFAIR – Saturday 29th October, 7:30-9:30 am Costa Rica time

Click on the following link to register and explore a range of universities from around the world –

  1. STUDY IN THE NETHERLANDS 2022 – Sunday 30th October, 5am-9am Costa Rica time

 25+ Dutch universities have joined forces. The result? The third annual, biggest, undergraduate only,  “Study in the Netherlands 2022: “Virtually Orange”. Find a list of all participating universities and register for free here:


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