School Bulletin 36 – 19th November 2021

School Bulletin


Learning Schedule for the week of the 22nd to 26th November:

Monday 22nd to 26th of November Early Years, Primary, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 IB Year 6 and Year 7


WEEK IN REVIEW: On Wednesday of this week, our Year 11NB students enjoyed their last official school day with a number of celebrations including a parade through the school and a performance by a mariachi group.  For some of these students this marked the end of a 13-year learning journey after they joined the BSCR in Early Years 1.  We wish each of our Year 11NB students the very best of luck with the next stages of their lives and remind them that they will always have a home at The British School.

Elsewhere, our School Community has been busily preparing this week for a range of end of year activities, including five Graduation ceremonies, the National Honor Society induction ceremony and the Primary Talent Show. 

HIP HOP PERFORMANCE: We would like to congratulate Alberto Lozano (Year 3), Felipe Hidalgo (Year 2) and Thomas Batchelor Smith on their recent successful Hip Hop performance at the Children’s Museum as a part of the Danceworks Academy dance troupe.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION CEREMONY: On Wednesday 24th of November at 1:00 pm, we will have the first induction ceremony for students who will be inducted into, as inaugural members, the British School of Costa Rica National Honor Society Chapter.  This is an international student club in which high achieving students from Year 9 to Year 12 get together to work on developing and promoting the values of scholarship, character, leadership and service around school.  Community members will be able to watch the ceremony via Facebook live (access via the BSCR Facebook page), since health and safety protocols continue to limit in-school attendance. We hope you join us.

YEAR 10 AND YEAR 3 COLLABORATIVE PROJECT: This year students from Year 10 World Literature and Year 3 have been working together on a collaborative project in which the Secondary students designed a children’s picture book based on a novel they studied, and then the Primary students judged the quality of the books. The winning books are available here for the enjoyment of the whole school community. There will be printed copies in the Primary Library next year.  Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who were deemed to be the winners by our Year 3 generation: Alexa Villalobos, José Alonso Solís, Maya Cutter and Valentina Larco.


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