School Bulletin 7 – 11th of March 2022

School Bulletin

Week Seven

Whole School

Managing Covid-19 within the BSCR Community

We would like to remind our community members that Covid-19 cases within your social-family bubble and / or any absences from School relating to Covid-19 must be formally reported ( as a matter of urgency, as receipt of this information is the catalyst for our internal Covid-19 investigations to begin. During any such investigation, we also ask for your cooperation in sharing any requested information in a timely manner which allows our investigation to proceed and also reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission within our Community.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Down Syndrome Awareness Day

On Monday, 21st of March we will be celebrating Down Syndrome Day alongside people from all over the world.  The objective of this day, which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012, is to raise awareness about this condition in order to move towards a more inclusive world.  To celebrate this day we are supporting Down Syndrome International’s initiative by inviting all members of our community to wear odd, and hopefully vibrant and colourful, socks on the 21st of March.  For more information about this campaign please visit:  

Early Years and Primary

Health and Wellness Week

During each lunch break this week our PE Team have organised sporting events between our ‘Houses’ (Arenal, Barva, Irazú, Poás).  Our Primary House Captains have also been very involved in organising these events and they have all been doing a superb job leading their Houses. Highlights of the week have included relay races as well as a DodgeBall competition. We also have a penalty shoot-out scheduled for the end of this week. So far, Arenal are the sporting team to beat! It has been great to see the students show their wonderful support for each of the Houses throughout these events.

Yearbook Photos

Individual Yearbook photos will be taken between the 14th and 16th of March for Secondary students and between the 21st and 23rd of March for Early Years and Primary students.  Secondary students have already been provided with the schedule as to when their assigned time and day is.  Early Years and Primary Form Teachers will notify parents which day their class has been assigned to.  Students should attend school on their assigned day wearing the official school polo shirt (i.e. no alternative shirt or PE uniform).

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Early Years and Primary Parent-Teacher meetings are scheduled for Wednesday the 30th of March.  Classes will end at 12 noon on this day for all Early Years and Primary students to ensure that there is sufficient time for teachers to meet with all parents.  Form teachers will be in touch in the coming days to organise appointment times.


Student Council

On Thursday and Friday of last week, Year 5 to Year 12 students voted for their preferred Student Council for 2021/2022.  In total, 386 votes were cast (34 abstainers) with the following results: 

Crea:                    153 votes

Otaw:                   112 votes

Acacia:                 100 votes

Null:                      21 votes

As a result the party ‘Crea’ will be our Student Council for the forthcoming year comprising of:

President:                          Lina Laurencich Prado (Year 10)

Vice-President:                 Sophia Brohl Echandi (Year 11)

Secretary:                          María Gascó Napoleón (Year 8)

Treasurer:                          Diego Laurencich Prado (Year 12)

Vocal:                                  Marco Laurencich Prado (Year 8)                          

We would like to thank and congratulate all students who stood for election as well as the Student Electoral Tribunal for organising and running a highly impressive electoral process.

IGCSE Ceremony

On Thursday our Year 11 students received their formal IGCSE certificates for the examinations that they took in November of 2021 (English for all Year 11 students and Physical Education for those Year 11 students who selected it as their option).  The students received their certificates from the Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy, Mrs. Anne Aichroth.  We are delighted to share that 53% of our students received either an A* or an A for their first language English IGCSE which is a full 16% above the global average.  Congratulations to all Year 11 students on their achievements!

Year 6 FARO Results

Our Year 6 students received the results of the FARO assessments that they took in November in the last two weeks.  Despite these assessments being undertaken in Spanish, on content from the Ministry of Education’s curriculum (as opposed to the international curriculum that we follow which is predominantly delivered in English), the Year 6 generation performed extremely well achieving grades that were 14.59% above the national average in Science, 18.43% above the national average in Mathematics and 23.49% above the national average in Spanish.   Congratulations to each of our Year 6 students on their achievements!

IB Geography Field Trip

The 10 Year 11 Geography students spent Wednesday at a river near Ciudad Colon collecting data on different river characteristics including velocity, discharge and width. This activity was part of their IB Internal Assessment. Each student collected some very interesting data which they will now go on to analyse for the next part of their project.


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