Silvia Baltodano

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Graduation Year: 2006
University: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, previously to that, the Canadian College of Performing Arts

What did you study?
At CCPA performing arts, at RCSSD a BA (hons) in acting and musical theater

Where are you now?
Costa Rica

How do you feel BSCR prepared you for your career?
It allowed me to explore my artistic interests and be part of theater groups etc. It also gave me the support to train artistically outside of the school. Particularly, Mrs. Thea Wolff encouraged me to work towards achieving my dreams.

How did BSCR prepare you as a person?
I strongly believe The British School gave me the tools to a more empathic and sensible person, with critical thinking and the drive to work hard even in challenging circumstances.

We like to think BSCR alumni break barriers, how do you think this applies to you?
I left home to pursue a career with “no future” in Costa Rica, as musical theater was a non-existing industry here. I came back after almost 5 years abroad and began creating the musical theater industry in my country. My entrepreneurship has given work to over a 100 artists in different areas: dancers, singers, actors, designers, producers and more. After that, I opened the first musical theater school in the region.

What’s your greatest memory from your time at BSCR?
When we did the musical the Phantom of the Opera. It made me discover my love for theatre and eventually pushed me towards pursuing it as a career and a lifestyle.

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