IGCSE Examinations and ICE

The “International Certificate of Secondary Education” (IGCSE) from the University of Cambridge, Cambridge International Examinations organisation (CIE) has international credibility as an educational qualification; for example, our students have gained admission to Community Colleges and small Universities in the USA and Hong Kong on their IGCSE results alone. The examination papers are produced, marked and graded by CIE who also award the final Certificates. In U.K., the IGCSE Certificates are accepted as equivalent to the GCSE “School-leaving” certification for 16 year-olds and, for those continuing in further education, as a preliminary requirement for matriculation at British (and therefore European) Universities. IGCSE certificates are widely recognised by Universities in the United States and Canada.

Throughout 9th and 10th grades, all students follow courses that prepare them for the IGCSE examinations in at least eight different academic subjects. The following subjects are available:

1. Languages
ENGLISH as a 1st Lang. or 2nd. Language plus SPANISH as a 1st Lang. or Foreign Lang. French as a Foreign Language
2. Literature (Spanish or English)
LITERATURE (Spanish or English) One of: History, Geography, Economics
3. Science
SCIENCES TWO of the following: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
4. Mathematics
5. Arts and Electives
Art/Design or Music or Computer Studies or French or 3rd Humanity

ADDITIONAL 9/10th Subjects Student’s mother tongue as a 1st Language (Home Study required)

In almost all subjects, candidates may study for and enter the examination(s) at the level of either “extended curriculum” or “core curriculum” (similar to the Higher and Standard Levels of the I.B.). Students who pass in seven different subjects, including two Languages and Art or IT can receive the ICE certificate with a “pass”, “merit” or “distinction”. In almost all cases, to be accepted for an IB Higher Level course later, students must have passed the corresponding IGCSE subjects with a good grade on the extended curriculum.

TOEFL and SAT Tests (USA) – Although our programmes of study co-incidentally prepare students for the TOEFL and SAT I and II tests required by Universities in the USA, nevertheless supplementary material is available in the Library for students to acquaint themselves with and practice the techniques required by these tests.

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