Computers and Tablets – Bring Your Own Device Policy

At the British School of Costa Rica our virtual learning environment and resources found on the Internet are critical components of the teaching and learning process. As a result, it is a requirement that all Secondary students bring a device to school which allows them to access both the school server and the Internet. BUT NOT via 3G or 4G “chips” access.

While we do not require a particular brand or model we do recommend the following minimum requirements for the device:


Tablets (Minimum Requirements)

10”/25.4 cm screen size
2 GB of RAM
8 GB Data storage
Wi-fi capability
Processor -1.2 GHz
A browser that supports HTML5, JavaScript and Flash Player
An external keyboard to facilitate writing notes.


Laptops (Minimum Requirements)

10”/25.4 cm screen size
4 GB of RAM
80 GB Hard Drive
Wi-fi capability
Processor of 2.0 GHz (1 nucleus) or 1.2 GHz (2 or more nuclei)
Antivirus software

When considering what would be an appropriate device we also recommend that you take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Performance – while the above criteria are minimum recommendations it is worth considering each of them carefully. For example, devices with smaller screens tend to make navigating the Internet more difficult. Similarly devices with a low hardware capacity can result in a slow Wi-fi connection.
  • Battery Life – will the battery last for at least the majority of the school day?
  • Weight – will the student be able to carry it easily in their bag?
  • Security – can the device be locked with a password?
  • Case – does the device have a case which will protect it in case it is accidentally dropped?
  • Network Access – if the device comes with built in 3G or 4G access then the student will be able to access the Internet externally which means they will bypass our security filters. As a result we will not be able to restrict their access their access to unsuitable sites.

At present; international, national and internal examinations are all hand-written. As a result it is not necessary for students in Seniors 1 to 5 to have a device that has word-processing capabilities. However, at the IB Diploma and NB levels (in Seniors 6 and 7) students are required to submit internal assessments and other assignments which must be produced digitally. Therefore, it is a requirement for all IB and NB students to have a device which has this word-processing capability.

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