Fees and Quotas 2022

FEES and QUOTAS 2022

School Regulations: Under the condition whereby the official “selling” exchange rate of the Central Bank is greater than 610 colones to the U.S. Dollar, then payments can be made in Dollars U.S. or in colones as calculated by applying the official “selling” exchange rate of the Central Bank.


$ 1,000 (plus 13% VAT) – paid one time by the family.


I) MATRICULA 2021 – Until the 31st of October 2022, the Matriculation Fee will be: 

EARLY YEARS 1 $490.00
EARLY YEARS 2 $700.00
EARLY YEARS 3 $713.00
YEARS 1 – 5 $792.00
YEARS 6 – 8 $945.00
YEARS 9 – 12 $1,020.00

Late Fee: $12.00

II) TEXT BOOKS and EQUIPMENT – per student, per year – in respect of each student, the family is required to pay and then maintain a Textbook / Equipment Deposit on their account with the School:

Primary (Years 1 to 5) $150.00 Deposit
Secondary $180.00Deposit

In the levels of Years 3 to 5, the school will RENT a pre-programmed Chromebook laptop to the family at accost of $ 10 per month which covers the costs of the software licenses and maintenance.

III) INSURANCE: I.N.S. Student Medical Insurance (against accidents) approx. $30.00 per year.


The calculation of fees is based on the annual Tuition Fees, which can be paid annually, by semester (with a surcharge of 2%) or by month (with a surcharge of 5%).  Payment of these fees also covers (where appropriate by level) official trips and excursions, most external exams, school photos, a yearbook, textbooks and most workbooks and equipment and materials supplied by the School.  These fees do not cover school bus transport.  * The cost of textbooks and some workbooks is INCLUDED in the Fees at the levels marked * and marked by ** where a Chromebook laptop is also provided.

TUITION FEES 2022: paid each month over 12 months. 

EARLY YEARS 1 $490.00
EARLY YEARS 2 $700.00
EARLY YEARS 3 $713.00**
YEARS 1 – 2 $792.00**
YEARS 3 – 5 $802.00**
YEARS 6 – 8 $945.00**
YEARS 9 – 12 $1,020.00**

Late fee:  3% per month.


The school may charge for other services such as special classes and After School Care ($ 3.25 per hour).

The School Bus Service and the prices charged are the responsibility of a separate, independent company (Tranosys – info@tranosy.com)

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