Upcoming Dates

 Saturday 9th MarchInternational Fair (9:00 am to 2:00 pm)
 Tuesday 12th MarchYear 4/5 Girl’s Football Vs Blue Valley (leave BSCR at 12 noon)
 Wednesday 13th MarchSecondary Student Council – Transfer of Powers Ceremony (11:30 am)
 Saturday 16th MarchY1 to Y9 Festival of Football at BSCR (7:00 am to 3:30 pm)
 Monday 18th MarchStart of Year 6 MEP Diagnostic Tests

International Fair
Here is the map for the distribution of the stalls on the Patio for the Fair:
Soccer Shirt Day
On Monday 4th of March, Year 10 Global Perspectives students organized a soccer shirt day for all the School with the purpose to raise money and collect used football boots for a charity foundation called Futbolxmipais. This charity helps young people in extreme poverty by instilling in them values such as teamwork, respect and integrity through the use of football. A total of 43 used football boots were collected and c290,000 was raised. The boots will now be given to Futbolxmipais which will donate to the young people in poverty, while the money will be used for an array of things; such as buying food for the young people inside the organization, buying more football boots and helping the organization with more expenses. On top of this, a lecture for Year 6 students, during their form period, with the Head of Futbol por mi Pais was organized, raising awareness and teaching students about both poverty and more specifically child poverty in Costa Rica, and what the foundation does to fight this problem. We thank the student community for coming together in such a way to help the children in need. Photo
Parent Council Minutes
Please click on the following links to read the minutes from last week’s Parent Council meetings:
Early Years
Costa Rican Cricket Federation
Last week, two coaches from the Costa Rican Cricket Federation visited our campus to facilitate a cricket training session for our Year 4, Year 5, Year 9 and Year 10 students.  For many of our students, this was their first time participating in this sport, which is an important part of British culture. The coaches taught the students the fundamentals of cricket, such as bowling, batting, and fielding.  The students learned a lot about this new sport, and some of them even expressed interest in joining a cricket team.  We would like to thank the federation for their support in organizing this training session and donating material to continue developing the sport in our community.
Uniform Reminder
Appearance at the British School of Costa Rica is very important as we believe that it sets the correct tone for both community interactions and learning. Whilst appreciating the value of Creativity, we are very conscious of promoting the school value of Responsibility in terms of how your child(ren) dress on non-uniform days.  Please can you support us from home by reading the extract below which is taken from our Discipline Policy in relation to such days. Your support with this matter is greatly appreciated.
Dress code for ‘non-uniform’ days
On special, non-uniform days (‘Jeans day’ or ‘House Colour Days’) which have previously been informed to the parents, and with the school’s permission, the use of regular clothing will be permitted.  For such activities, students may wear jeans provided they are neither ripped or torn. On these days, shorts are permitted although in Secondary mini-shorts or miniskirts are not permitted.  Transparent shirts are not allowed, nor those with designs representing liquor brands, cigarettes, drawings of illicit substances or any other design that goes against the values of the School.
Depending on the activity (i.e. Book Day, the last day of classes for NB or IB), the use of costumes will be allowed.  However, on these occasions, students will not be allowed to dress up in revealing and sexist costumes, including, but not restricted to, excessive makeup, wigs, high heels, tight clothing, miniskirts, mini-shorts, underwear, garments or clothing items that highlight features or intimate parts of the body.
Any student who comes to school with this type of clothing will be asked, at first, to change to more appropriate dress. If the student does not change, they will be sent home.
Student Council Elections
Congratulations to the Student party ULU on being elected to the 2024/25 Student Council by Year 5 to Year 12 students this week.  ULU, who received 56.8% of the student vote, is composed of:
President:                    Camila Vázquez Sandí (Year 9)
Vice-President:                       Leonardo Andrés Jiménez Somarriba (Year 11)
Treasurer:                    Juan Pablo Pérez Aguirre (Year 12)
Secretary:                    Sofía Cordero Ibarra (Year 7)
Vocal:                         Ming Zheng (Year 10)
We would like to thank the individual members of both political parties that stood for election, ULU and UNO, as well as the members of the Student Electoral Tribunal (TEE) for all of their hard work in the past weeks.

National University Exams (Year 11NB and Year 12 students only)
During the past couple of weeks, Year 11 National Baccalaureate and Year 12 students completed the initial online registration for the national universities public exams.  The next step to complete this registration process is to pay to take these exams. Payment must be made by each student with the help of their parents. The cost is 7,000 colones for the right to take the exam at each university (UCR,UNA and TEC) and the deadline to pay is the 22nd of March. The total cost to take the three admission exams is 21,000 colones.
For the University of Costa Rica, payments will only be made and processed through the following link:https://www.ucrenlinea.com/sau
For the UNA and the TEC, you can pay using one of the following options:

-BN Internet Personal Banking
-Banco Nacional Services Agency (BN Servicios)

In the details of the proof of payment, the name of the student who registers and his/her identification number (identity card, passport or residence card) must be included. For more information about the enrollment process for Costa Rican state universities, you can consult the website https://admision.ac.cr and there you can open the 2024-2025 Enrollment Booklet which contains extremely important information about this process. If you have questions or need additional information about the university admissions process then please contact Ana Lourdes Baumgartner, abaumgartner@bscr.ed.cr
This week we had the privilege of receiving the representatives of several United States Universities who shared valuable information with the students who attended their presentations.  On March 5th we received the CEO University Tour with representatives from:  Albion College, Hope College, Loyola University Maryland, University at Albany SUNY and University of California Santa Cruz.  On Thursday, March 7th we received the University of Florida.