Upcoming Dates

  Friday 22nd March  Last day of Quarter One
  Monday 8th April  First day of Quarter Two
  Wednesday 10th April  Early Years & Primary Parent-Teacher Meetings (students leave at 12 noon)
  Monday 15th April  National Holiday – Juan Santamaría Day – No classes
  Wednesday 17th April   Secondary Parent-Teacher Meetings (students leave at 12 noon)

Happy Vacations
We would like to thank all members of our Learning Community for their contributions in making the first quarter of the 2024 academic year.  We wish each of you a happy and relaxing Easter vacation and look forward to welcoming you back at the start of Quarter Two.
Composting in Early Years
In the last couple of weeks, four Year 10 Global Perspectives students, Luciana Mejía, William Allan, Mariana Pérez and Mia Aguilar, have been carrying out a project aimed at raising awareness about food waste around the school while also reducing the amount of organic waste that we create.  The project began by raising funds during the International Fair which were then used to purchase a composter and two trash cans.  Once these had been installed in our Early Years block the students gave a class to the Early Years 3 generation about food waste and how to use the composter effectively.  The students hope that the composter will help us produce fertile soil which can then be used to grow plants in our Early Years section.  Well done to Luciana, William and Mariana and Mia on this wonderful initiative. Photo
School Values
As a School that is committed to providing our students with a values-driven education, we would like to remind all members of our Learning Community to please ensure that all community interactions both support and are characterised by our School Values.  As a reminder, our defined School Values, which were collaboratively created via input from ten different stakeholder groups in 2018, are: Creativity, Honesty, Independence, Respect and Responsibility.
Neurodiversity Week
Thank you to all members of our Learning Community who participated in the various activities that we had this week related to raising awareness about Neurodiversity and Down Syndrome.  Highlights of the week included a special assembly on Monday morning for Primary Students, a range of classroom learning activities and numerous members of our community wearing odd socks on Thursday in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day.

EY and Primary Parent-Teacher Meetings
To facilitate both in-person and virtual parent-teacher meetings, classes will end at 12 noon for Early Years and Primary students on Wednesday the 10th of April.  There will also be no clubs offered on this day for Early Years and Primary students.  The schedule and clubs for Secondary students will be as usual on this day.
Exit Points
Thank you to all Year 2 and Year 3 parents who attended one of our Exit Points this week.  In the Year 2 activities, students shared their learning from their IPC unit ‘What’s on the Menu’ by creating a restaurant experience for their parents.  Meanwhile our Year 3 students, as part of their IPC topic ‘Saving the World’ invited their parents to visit the rainforest to learn not only about the flora and fauna but also how to live in a more sustainable manner as well as how to make chocolate.  Please check our social media pages in the coming days for photos of these activities.  Congratulations to all of our students and teachers on these wonderful celebrations of learning.
Secondary Parent-Teacher Meetings
To facilitate both in-person and virtual parent-teacher meetings, classes will end at 12 noon for Secondary students on Wednesday the 17th of April.  There will be no Secondary clubs offered on this day.  The schedule and clubs for Early Years and Primary students will be as usual on this day.
Central American College Tour
On Monday 18th of March most of our Year 11 and Year 12 students attended the 2024 Central American College Tour at Country Day School. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn about more than 80 universities from North and Latin America, Europe and Australia. The students engaged in meaningful conversations with college representatives and learned first-hand about the academic offering, admissions process, scholarships and financial aid and student life of these institutions.
Webinar with Nicole Lipschitz
This week during the Universities lessons, Year 11 National Baccalaureate and Year 12 students participated in an interactive virtual presentation with Nicole Lipschitz. Nicole, an ex-student from our institution who studies at MIT provided invaluable advice about many aspects of the admissions process to foreign universities. 
Universities visits
This week we received very valuable visits from representatives of JP Lain London, a prestigious business and computer science oriented university, and Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. Interested students attended the presentations with the representatives during their lunch break.