Primary Uniform


**PLEASE REMEMBER to check your emails for official updates on the changes in uniforms for the Academic Year 2021


Early Years 1
Early Years 2

School T-shirt, white with school badge (EY1 t-shirts have stripes on the sleeves)
Blue school shorts
White socks*
Tennis shoes (any color)*
Blue school hat

Early Years 3 to Year 5

Cream-colored polo shirt
Blue skirt
Blue skirt with shorts
Blue trousers / Shorts
Blue sweater
Blue school hat
Blue socks*
All black shoes made of leather or similar synthetic material and suitable for day-to-day school activities*
Fabric sneakers or tennis shoes are allowed as long as they are at least 90% black

Early Years 3 to Year 5

School PE shirt
School PE shorts
White socks*
Tennis shoes (any color)*
Sport lycra (3/4 or full length. Black or dark blue, no patterns)


  • The official school polo shirt (Early Year 3, Primary and Secondary) and the T-Shirt (Early Years 1 and 2) remain a requirement in all year levels.
  • Those students who do not have the official trousers/shorts may come to school in tailored (smart) blue, khaki/tan, brown or black trousers or shorts (sportswear, leggings, jeans and combat/cargo trousers are not permitted).
  • Students at all levels may use any closed and suitable footwear that is black, brown, khaki/tan or blue. Tennis shoes/sneakers are permitted so long as 90% are in one of the approved colours. Students may use socks of any colour.
  • With regard to Physical Education, students at all year levels may use the official school shirt or a plain sports shirt/T-shirt (football shirts are not permitted) along with sports shorts or sports leggings (lycra) and tennis shoes.


  1. All items must bear the student’s name.The school does not assume responsibility for any lost items.
  2. To comply with School Regulations, all uniform items (with exception of those marked *) must be purchased from the official school supplier (Tonka).
  3. The school does not accept variations in the uniform; we ask for parents’ cooperation in not altering any aspects of the official school uniforms (except for size adjustments).

Important: School uniform items are available from this shop – Tonka.
Address: Escazú, del Centro Comercial Plaza Atlantis 600 mts al sur y 175 mts al oeste.
Phone: 2228-2132

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