Primary Materials

**This list is not final for 2023 – Please make sure you check your emails for updates on this Academic Year 2024.

Items EY1,
Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5
Small, easy to carry backpack (no wheels)
1 small, simple pencil case (not plastic box)  
2 triangular pencils (not propelling)  
1 sharpener  
1 simple soft eraser  
1 pair of small scissors  
1 box of 12 coloured pencils  
1 box of 12 felt-tip markers (not pens)  
1 glue stick  
1 20 cm non-flexible, plastic ruler          
1 30 cm non-flexible, plastic ruler  
2 whiteboard markers  
1 small whiteboard eraser / cloth  
Earphones (small, bud-type that can be stored in the pencil case)  
2 highlighter pens  
1 simple calculator          
3 ball point pens: black, blue and red          
Paint shirt (old shirt for art) to protect uniforms
At-home Internet access and appropriate device
  • ALL items must be labelled with the student’s name.
  • Students are asked to bring their own pencil case to develop responsibility in taking care of their belongings.
  • Parents should regularly check that their children have all the materials they need for school and replenish as necessary.
  • Please buy only the exact materials from the list and do not change them (e.g. 24 coloured pencils instead of 12).
  • Student lunch bags should be simple and made of soft material. Please check that the children can open and close them by themselves. All lunch bags must be named.

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