#35 – 15th November 2019


  • Monday 18th November: Start of Year 6 to Year 9 Exam Week
  • Monday 18th November: Start of Year 11 IB Group 4 Project
  • Monday 18th November: Year 7 – Year 9
  • Monday 18th November: OLCOMA Math Olympiad National Final – Best Western Irazú Hotel
  • Thursday 21st November: Last day of Year 12 IB Exams
  • Friday 22nd November: Odd Shoes Day
  • Friday 22nd November: Last day of Primary Clubs
  • Saturday 23rd November: Final Maths Olympics, Saint Clare School
  • Monday 25th November: Primary Talent Show – 10:45 am, Auditorium
  • Monday 25th November: All classes finish at 12.00 pm
  • Monday 25th November: Year 12 Graduation Ceremony – 6:30 pm, Auditorium
  • Tuesday 26th November: All classes finish at 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday 27thNovember: Last day of classes for all students
  • Wednesday 27thNovember: All classes finish at 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday 27thNovember: Year 5 Graduation Ceremony – 8:15 am, Auditorium
  • Thursday 28th November: Year 11NB Graduation Ceremony – 6:30 pm, Auditorium



CHRISTMAS PROJECT: In the last few days we have been distributing the allocations for the Christmas Project, a traditional act of kindness that has been carried out over many years in the school. The activity allows families to contribute in a very significant way to children who are currently living in difficult conditions. The receiving of your donations of presents for these children will be carried out in the classrooms up until the first week of December. For more information, please contact Xinia Araya (xarayajimenez@bscr.ed.cr), Gina Torres (gtorres@bscr.ed.cr) or Lady Gómez (lgomez@bscr.ed.cr).

SCHOOL UNIFORMS FOR 2020 / UNIFORM EXCHANGE: We would like to clarify that the school uniform sold by our uniform supplier (Tonka) for the 2020 academic year will be identical to the uniform from 2019. The reason why it will not contain our new logo is because we pre-ordered a significant number of uniforms from Tonka to ensure that demand would be met. Tonka began manufacturing of our pre-order of 2020 uniforms, complete with our old logo, before we released our new logo.

We would also like to remind all members of our community about our uniform exchange initiative. Parents may donate any uniforms that they no longer need so that other students can use them next year. Parents can drop off the uniforms that they wish to donate between the 21st and 28th of November by using the donation bins at the main student entrance (next to where Newrest receive payments). Donations should be clean and in good condition (minor stains are acceptable but they should not be ripped or torn) and can be either regular or PE uniforms from Early Years, Primary or Secondary. Next week parent volunteers will create an inventory of the donations and inform other parents when and where they can come into School to collect the donated uniforms. If you are interested in volunteering to help with this initiative please contact our Year 7 Parent Representative, Mónica Volio, on monivolio@gmail.com

‘WALK IN THEIR SHOES’: On Friday 22nd of November, we invite all members of our community to come to school dressed in odd shoes (i.e. non-matching). The idea behind this initiative is to support the ‘Walk in their Shoes’ project which is being led by the ‘Acción Humanitaria por Venezuela en Costa Rica’ organisation. In exchange for a donation of ₡ 500, students and staff members from all levels are invited to come to school in their regular uniform but with non-matching shoes.

NO CLUBS DURING THE HOLIDAYS: We wish to inform parents that due to various maintenance projects that are planned for the holiday period we will not be able to provide activities for students during the holiday.




TRANSITION MORNING – MONDAY 25TH NOVEMBER: On Monday 25th November students will be spending the morning with the teachers of their future year group in preparation for next year. For this activity, the classes will remain as they are and will work with one of the teachers from their grade for next year. As in previous years, the 2020 class-lists and teacher assignments will not be immediately available, they will only be released a few days before the new school year begins. The aim of the morning is for the students to know the location of their new classrooms, get to know the English and Spanish teachers, do some work together and set expectations for 2020. Some year levels might have a task to do over the holidays before they return in January. This will involve all students from EY1 to Year 4 (Year 5 had their transition days to secondary last week).

PRIMARY TALENT SHOW: On the afternoon of Monday 25th November, primary students will be participating in and attending our third annual talent show. Students have been working very hard and auditioning under the watchful eye of the Spanish and Music departments and so we look forward to seeing the talent our students have to offer. Due to space limitations, only 2 guests per performer will be permitted to attend. The Spanish teachers will confirm with parents directly.

YEAR 5 GRADUATION: The Year 5 graduation will take place on Wednesday 27th November, starting at 8.15am. Year 5 students should arrive by 8.00am, as normal, and go directly to their classrooms. Students need to wear full school uniform on this day.



CELEBRATION OF THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE POLITICAL CONSTITUTION: Last Thursday 7th of November, students Leonardo Jiménez (Year 6), Fabio Piampiano (Year 9), Pedro Cortez (Year 9), Diego Laurencich (Year 9), André García (Year 9), Mariana Gaspar (Year 11), Jorge Arredondo (Year 11) and Ariana Chacón (Year 11), participated in the seminar “Celebration of the Seventieth Anniversary of the Political Constitution”, organized by the Costa Rican Lawyers Association. It was an extensive 12-hour day where students could listen to several round table discussions on constitutional principles, human rights, weaknesses and strengths of State Powers, the Costa Rican Political System, the economy, and above all, the central idea of the event: the reflection on whether or not it is necessary to develop a new Political Constitution in Costa Rica. On behalf of the Social Studies Department, we thank Alex Solis for the invitation, and the students who participated for their excellent attitude and behavior in the event.

GUAYABO FOREVER: Last Wednesday 6th of November, we returned to the Guayabo National Monument with our Year 7 students. This tour complements the theme that the group is currently studying which is related to the problems of our indigenous people. Visiting Guayabo provided us with the opportunity to appreciate the knowledge that distinguished our ancestors, especially in the construction of the aqueduct that still works perfectly and which made it worthy of worldwide recognition in 2009. In spite of the weather conditions, the visit was enriching. To walk through the site is to relive the history that leads us to understand many questions about its disappearance and development. We could also appreciate the development of economic activities and observe the various natural elements that characterize the region.

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