BULLETIN No. 37 – 24th of November 2023

School Bulletin


Upcoming Dates

 Friday 24th November  Jeans Day for Secondary Students (Movember Fundraiser)
 Friday 24th November  Early Year 3 Crossover Ceremony (10:00 am, Auditorium)
 Saturday 25th November  Year 4 to Year 6 Colibrí Primary Math Olympiad, Yorkín School
 Monday 27th November  Start of OLCOMA National Final Secondary Math Olympiad
 Monday 27th November  Senior Girl’s Football Vs Blue Valley (2:00 pm)
 Tuesday 28th November  Year 5 Graduation (9:00 am, Auditorium)
 Tuesday 28th November  Last Day for After-school Clubs
 Tuesday 28th November  Year 11 NB Graduation (4:30 pm, Auditorium)
 Wednesday 29th November  IB Festival of Hope (8:10 am, UWC Campus)
 Wednesday 29th November  Last day of classes for the 2024 academic year (classes end   at noon)


End of Year Thanks
As 2023 rapidly draws to a close we would like to express our gratitude to all members of our learning community that have made this such a successful year at The British School.  In addition to our wonderful students and parents, we would particularly like to thank our staff members for their hard work and professionalism in consistently providing our students with high-quality learning experiences on a daily basis.  We wish all members of our learning community a happy, healthy and enjoyable vacation period and we look forward to the start of the 2024 academic year.

Last Day of Classes
The last day of classes for students from Early Years 1 to Year 9 is Wednesday 29th of November.  Please note that this is a non-uniform day and classes will end at 12 noon for all students. 


International Racquetball
Congratulations to Leticia Chavarría and Felipe Hidalgo (Year 4B) on recently representing Costa Rica in an international racquetball competition in Tarija, Bolivia. Leticia obtained third place in the under ten girls doubles category and Felipe first place in the boys under ten category.

School Spirit
Our students have been showing their school spirit all week as they have come to school dressed in different theme clothing. So far the highlight has been the amazingly creative hairstyles that were on show for Crazy Hair Monday (please see our photos on either Facebook or Instagram). It has been wonderful to see the students all show their school spirit as we come to the end of this amazing school year.

Spelling Bee Competition
On Wednesday, Year 1 to Year 3 students took part in our Annual Spelling Bee Competition, which was organised by our Spanish Department. This was a very challenging competition for our young students though the finalists all did amazingly well to compete with confidence under pressure.

Crossing Over Ceremony
On Friday, our amazing Early Years 3 students will be taking part in their “Crossing Over” ceremony to celebrate their progression from Early Years into Primary.  The ceremony will include a number of speeches as well as some musical performances from our Early Years 3 generation.


Schedule for Next Week
Monday – Activity Day:
On this day, our students will participate in House activities and competitions. We kindly request that all students wear their house color sports shirt along with their PE shorts. Additionally, students will engage in reflections on their performance over the year.

Tuesday – Exam Return:
Students will receive their final assessment results for all subjects on this day. They will also have the opportunity to meet with their subject teachers to discuss and gain an understanding of their final results. Should any student have questions or concerns about their grades, then this will be the perfect time to address them with their teachers.

Wednesday – Final Day:
The final day will be filled with exciting events, starting with the “Battle of the Bands,” where our music students will showcase their talent and hard work in short performances. We kindly request that students collect all their belongings from classrooms and lockers on this day. The culminating event will be our final year assembly, where we will reflect on the academic year and extend warm wishes for a fun and restful holiday.

TOK Exhibitions
Thank you to all parents, students and staff members who attended the TOK Exhibitions on Tuesday.  In this exhibition our Year 11 students used three real world objects of their choosing to answer a range of knowledge questions using TOK concepts.  We would like to congratulate each of our Year 11 students on their considered and well-articulated arguments.

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