School Bulletin 02 – 5th February 2021

School Bulletin


Learning Schedule for the week of the 8th to the 12th of February

   Date       In-person Learning       Virtual Learning   
Monday 8th February Early Years, Y1, Y4 and Year 6 Y2, Y3, Y5, Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11 and Y12
Tuesday 9th February EY, Y1, Y5, Y12 Y2, Y3, Y4, Y6, Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10 and Y11
Wednesday 10th February EY, Y1, Y2, Y8 Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y9, Y10, Y11 and Y12
Thursday 11th February EY, Y1, Y3, Y9, Y11 Y2, Y4, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y8, Y10 and Y12
Friday 12th February EY, Y1, Y7 and Y10 Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6, Y8, Y9, Y11 and Y12


WEEK IN REVIEW: This week saw us welcome back students to in-person learning on campus from all year levels except Year 4 and Year 6 (who were unable to attend School on Tuesday because there was no water supply from AyA).  It was wonderful for all staff members to see so many happy students resume in-person learning after nine months of only receiving virtual learning.  We would like to thank all students for their extremely high levels of compliance with our health and safety procedures as in general it was evident that they not only understood our procedures and risk management strategies but also the reasons behind why they must be observed whenever they are on campus.

PRIMARY HEAD STUDENTS: Each year, two Year 5 students are chosen by their teachers to represent the Primary School as Head Students. Ana Julia Cordero and Matías Ugalde have been awarded the position of Primary Head Students for the school year 2021. Both Ana Julia and Matias’ exemplary behaviour and positive character throughout their previous year at The British School of Costa Rica have been greatly appreciated by their teachers and we are confident that they will continue to be superb role models for their peers and the whole of the Primary School.

PARENT COUNCIL: Over the last two years our Parent Council, constituted by a parent representing each year level, has done a wonderful job in facilitating improved communication between the wider parent body and the School. As a result, and recognising the importance of ongoing and clear communication with our parent body during these challenging times, we would like to continue with this structure for the forthcoming year. Thus, we would like to invite any parents who are interested in representing their year level in the 2021 Parent Council to send an email of interest to by Friday the 12th of February. We welcome applications from parents who served on the Parent Council last year as well as any parents who would be interested in joining the Council for the first time. Please click on the following links for more details about the application process:

In English:
In Spanish:

HEALTH AND SAFETY UPDATES: The British School of Costa Rica is committed to the ongoing revision of our health and safety protocols and procedures to ensure that we provide our community with the safest learning environment possible. To that end, we have made some minor changes to our operational procedures which can be seen in the latest version of our ‘Reopening Procedures’ document:

In English:
In Spanish:

The sections where minor changes have been made are:

1.2) Entry and Exit Procedures
The following inclusions have been added to this section:
Procedures for the entry and egress of buses
Procedures to allow EY students to be picked up on foot by the entrance to EY (by the East gate)
Procedures for EY students (by car) and Year 5 students (by car and on foot) to be picked up at the Bus Depot
1.6) Phased Reopening
A clarification was made to this section that, if a student is unable to receive in-person learning due to reasons related to risk management (e.g. High risk members in the family or a positive case in the family) then they may request, in advance, the key teaching points and learning resources that are used in any in-person lessons that they miss

3.3) Self Health Screening and 3.4) Campus Entry Health Screening
In both of these sections, and as was mentioned in last week’s bulletin, we have changed the temperature requirement to be present on campus to be under 37.8 degrees (previously it was 37.5 degrees).

4.9) Personal Protective Equipment
As was also mentioned in last week’s bulletin, we have, following the latest guidance issued by the Ministry of Education, included procedures that allow students to remove their masks during certain Physical Education activities that are particularly strenuous; this will be managed by the PE teacher.

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