School Bulletin 03 – 12th February 2021

School Bulletin


Learning Schedule for the week of the 15th to 19th of February:

   Date       In-person Learning       Virtual Learning   
Monday 15th February   EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y6, Y9 and Y11   Y3, Y5, Y7, Y8, Y10 and Y12
Tuesday 16th February   EY, Y1, Y3, Y5, Y7, Y10 and Y12   Y2, Y4, Y6, Y8, Y9 and Y11
Wednesday 17th February   EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y8, Y9 and Y11   Y3, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y10 and Y12
Thursday 18th February   EY, Y1, Y3, Y5, Y6, Y10 and Y12   Y2, Y4, Y7, Y8, Y9 and Y11
Friday 19th February   EY, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y7, Y9 and Y11   Y3, Y5, Y6, Y8, Y10 and Y12.


WEEK IN REVIEW:This week has seen us successfully complete Phase 2 of our re-introduction to in-person learning.  During this two-week phase, all students (except for Years 4 and 6 last week because of the water supply) had the opportunity to receive a full day of in-person learning on two separate occasions.  The objective of these two weeks was to give students and staff members the opportunity to become familiar with our new operating procedures in a controlled learning environment and with a significantly reduced student population on campus.  On Monday the 15th of February, we will begin Phase 3, which is the full implementation of our dual learning model.  This phase will see the number of students who are attending campus for in-person learning each day increase so that:

  • Early Years and Y1 students will receive 100% of their classes in-person
  • Year 1 to Year 5 and Year 9 to Year 12 will receive 50% of their classes in-person
  • Year 6 to Year 8 will receive 33% of their classes in-person

It is important to reiterate that although we will be welcoming more students on campus next week, all of our health and safety procedures and requirements remain the same. With more students participating in in-person learning it is possible that the drop off and pick up periods will take a little longer than they have been taking thus far. As a result, we respectfully ask Community members to please be patient and follow the guidance provided by staff members during these periods so that we can ensure the safe entry and egress of students from our campus.

BSCR FACEBOOK PAGE: We would like to remind our community that, in addition to emails and this weekly bulletin, the School also has its own Facebook page which includes regular posts and photos focused on life at the School. We invite all members of our community to visit our page at

FRIDAY 26TH OF FEBRUARY – SCHOOL CLOSED: We would like to remind all members of our Community that there will be no classes (either in-person or virtual) on Friday the 26th of February.  The reason for this is that our staff members will be working on our accreditation processes, both for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), through their participation in one of 21 different working committees that are evaluating various aspects of life at the BSCR.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: We would like to ask community members to please ensure that students and staff members come on to campus with facemasks that are a suitable size and fit. Facemasks should:

  • Be placed all over the nose and mouth and fit securely under the chin
  • Fit snugly against the sides of the face
  • Allow for easy breathing

Students and staff members should also ensure that they have spare masks at all times, which should be kept in a suitable carry case such as a zip lock bag.

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