School Bulletin 12 – 30th April 2021

School Bulletin


WEEK IN REVIEW:Thank you to all community members for your collaboration and understanding as we have continued with our dedicated virtual learning programme this week.  We recognise that this is far from ideal and appreciate all of the efforts our community is making, in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic, to provide the least amount of disruption to our students’ learning as possible. 

OUTREACH EVENT 2021: On Monday of this week, a number of our Year 11 and Year 12 students participated in an international activity called ‘Outreach Event’. In this activity, our students had the opportunity to interact through a virtual forum with students from an international school in Jamaica as well as a High School in Texas, USA. This CAS actively was highly enjoyable for all involved and enabled our students to develop their global awareness by learning about the perspectives of their peers in two different countries from our region. Many congratulations to Claudia Reiche, Marianne Dormond, Nicolás Donoso and Paulina Montero for their participation.

BOOK FORTNIGHT CELEBRATIONS: Many thanks to all parents who participated in the Secondary Parent-Teacher virtual meetings on Wednesday. If you were unable to attend a meeting for any reason please either contact Reception or the subject teacher directly to request a meeting in the coming weeks.

BOOK FORTNIGHT CELEBRATIONS:We would like to thank all students who participated in our various Book Week activities over the last two weeks. Students of all levels had the opportunity to engage in a number of learning activities, which promoted reading whether it be in English, Spanish, French or the students’ mother tongue. We will be sharing some of the contributions of our Primary students in next week’s bulletin. As for our Secondary students, please visit the department websites to see what our students have been doing:


HEALTH AND SAFETY:We would like to remind all members of our community to please ensure that they notify our Infirmary staff immediately on with any situations related to Covid-19 within your social bubble.



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