School Bulletin 6 – 4th of March 2022

School Bulletin

Week Six

Whole School
Parent Council Meetings
We would like to thank all Parent Representatives for their participation in this week’s Parent Council meetings – the minutes from each of these productive meetings can be accessed below.  We would like to remind all parents that the role of Parent Representatives is to serve as year level representatives rather than dealing with individual parent concerns or acting as moderators between parents.  For individual concerns, we ask Parents to contact the School directly so that we can follow up as appropriate.
Early Years Parent Council Minutes
Primary Parent Council Minutes
Secondary Parent Council Minutes
House Colours Day
On Friday the 11th of March, we will be celebrating House Colours Day.  Students in all year levels may come to school in sporting attire on this day dressed in their House colours (Arenal = red, Barva = Green, Irazú = Yellow, Poás = Blue) in place of the regular uniform.
Mask Use
We would like to remind our community members that the correct use of a mask on campus is both mandatory and key to reducing the spread of Covid-19 within the School and wider Community. Please ensure that masks are of a suitable size and fit and are worn correctly. They must cover the mouth and nose and fit snugly under the chin and sides of the face. Where required, action will be taken against those who fail to comply.
Vehicle Tags – Automated Entry System
Throughout this first quarter, we are in the process of implementing an automated entry system, using vehicle tags that immediately registers all cars as they access campus.  This system tells us which cars are waiting in line so that we can ensure that the correct students are directly by the Exit Gate by the time your car arrives at the designated pick up point.

For this system to be as effective as possible, we need to ensure that all cars that enter campus use the vehicle tags where this data is stored.  Thus far, we have issued approximately 700 vehicle tags to parents.  As a result, during the coming months we will be testing and adjusting our system with all the users who currently have a vehicle tag to ensure maximum efficiency.  Then, in the month of April, we will open a new administrative process to ensure that all vehicles who are entering campus without a vehicle tag receive one. 
Ultimately, our objective with this new procedure is to provide a more efficient entry and exit procedure while also ensuring an additional level of child protection.
Health and Wellness Week
Next week students in all year levels will be participating in a number of activities as part of our Health and Wellness Week initiative. The idea behind this week is to promote healthy lifestyles throughout our Community.  Please check our Facebook page next week for photos of the various activities.
Early Years and Primary
Beach Day in Early Years
Our Early Years 3 students all took part in Beach Day activities this week as part of their curriculum theme “Going Places”.  As part of this activity, they were playing and exploring with water, objects that sink and float, as well as developing concepts related to capacity and volume. It was wonderful to see the students all having a great time at their  “School Beach” (Photo 1 / Photo 2 / Photo 3 / Photo 4 / Photo 5)
Pokémon Cards
You may be aware that this Pokémon card swapping “craze” has hit many students. Please be aware that the students are only allowed to swap or play with their cards during break times. These break periods are not always under the direct control of the Form Teachers.  Some cards may be very valuable, therefore please do talk with your child about their responsibilities when bringing cards to school.
English Department Mural
Thanks to the efforts of former International Baccalaureate Visual Arts students and Ms. Haigh-Patel, we now have, in the English Department hallway, a colourful reminder of the pleasures of reading and the importance of studying literature – New English Department mural
Locker Keys
Now that lockers have been introduced into all Secondary levels we ask students to make at least two copies of their locker keys.  One is to be given to the Form Teacher and the other to leave at home.  If a student loses all of their locker keys, they may go to the School Bodega to request a new one.  In that case, a replacement will be issued to the student and charged to their parents account for the cost of the copy.
Student Council Debate
The Student Council Debate this week was informative, respectful and very lively.  Every member of each of the three political parties participated in presenting their platforms, posing challenging questions to opposition parties and responding convincingly.  The gym was at the allowed full capacity and the audience cheered as the candidates made their campaign cases.
Public Universities Information Session – Year 11NB and Year 12
On Friday 4th of March, Year 11NB and Year 12 students will receive important information via a virtual session organized by the national public universities about the admissions process to Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Universidad Nacional (UNA), Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (ITCR), Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN) and Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED).  The registration process for the admissions exams for UCR, UNA and ITCR (TEC) opened on February 28th and will finish on April 1st.  Please contact Ana Lourdes Baumgartnerif you require any further information (
Spanish Universities (Public and Private) – Information Sessions
On Friday 4th of March, interested Year 10 to Year 12 students will receive a visit from Doña Susana Exposito, a professional with ample experience in this area, who will talk about the opportunities offered by Spanish universities as well as their admissions process.
IGCSE Award Ceremony
On Thursday the 10th of March, our Year 11 students will receive their IGCSE certificates from the Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy, Ms. Anne Aichroth.  The ceremony will begin at 2:00 pm and will be live-streamed through our Facebook page for any member of our community who would like to watch the ceremony online.


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