School Bulletin 13 – 6th of May 2022

School Bulletin

Whole School
Fundraiser for Ukraine
We are delighted to share that the British School Community raised ₡ 1,578,880 through the activities at the end of the first quarter in support of the UN World Food Programmes’ Ukraine Appeal.  These activities included the Staff Charity Food Week as well as students being invited to come to School on the last day of the quarter dressed in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.  Thank you to all members of our Community who contributed to this initiative.           
Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition
We would like to congratulate the following students on their wonderful achievements in the Kangaroo International Mathematics competition:

National Medal Winners:
Bronze:  Luca Visoná (Year 4), Agustín Mejía (Year 6), Lucía Herrero (Year 7), Gabriel Campos (Year 10)
Silver:  Daniel Brampton (Year 7), Roberto Zúñiga (Year 9), Daniela Martinez (Year 9), Ally Lin (Year 9), Steve Wu (Year 11), Carlos Shum (Year 10 entered into ‘Student Category’ – the most challenging!)
Gold:  Kevin Brown (Year 5), Marco Laurencich (Year 8), Isabella D’Arsie (Year 9), Cristel Haaversen (Year 9), Leonardo Jiménez (Year 9), Camila Gutiérrez (Year 10), Nicole Lipschitz (Year 12 – entered into ‘Student Category – the most challenging!)

Important Upcoming Dates:
Friday 13th May:                             No classes for students in all year levels – Staff Training Day
Monday 23rd May:                         Start of Sports Week
Monday 6th June:                           Start of Semester Exam Week (Secondary students only)
Early Years and Primary
Early Years 1 – Pop Up Playground
On Tuesday, our Early Years 1 students invited their parents onto the campus to help build a temporary playground made of cardboard. This was a wonderful exercise in creativity for both students and parents and everyone seemed to enjoy this new experience. We would like to thank the parents that joined us for this activity – Photo 1 / Photo 2
Book Week
All Early Years and Primary students celebrated “Books and Literature” throughout the previous week. There were many wonderful activities happening in each of the year levels that you may have seen on social media or via Tapestry and Dojo. Thank you to all of the parents that volunteered to read a story to their child’s class.
Field Trips
We are delighted to share that the lifting of certain health and safety restrictions means that our students will now be able to participate in educational trips in order to support the learning that they do in the classroom.   Some students will soon be visiting a rainforest while another year level has a visit to a butterfly sanctuary scheduled. 
Shakespeare Festival
On Friday the 6th of May, our Year 8 students will be participating in our traditional Shakespeare Festival.  Due to social distancing limitations, we are unable to invite our Community to join us for this festival in person.  However, it will be available to all members of our Community in virtual form via the school’s Facebook page.  Performances start at 10:30 am and last for approximately 30 minutes each:

  1. Twelfth Night
  2. Romeo and Juliet
  3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
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